Saving Smokey

Smokey and Remus were playing by the pool when no one was home. Smokey fell in. He’s not a strong swimmer. Remus knows this.

So Remus helps a guy out.

18 Comments on Saving Smokey

  1. Lab?

    You ever seen a coon stuck in a pool? Neither survived, the pool was shredded and a total loss.

  2. Love how Remus returns to the pool after Smokey is safe. You know, just in case anyone else needs saving today.

  3. Our pets are wonderful. One of God’s great gifts to us – animals that can be domesticated enough to become our companions for life.

    love that video.

  4. When our sibling cats start to fighting, out three-legged dog springs into action and breaks them up. Every time. NO FIGHTING ALLOWED IN DA HOUSE, youze catses!

  5. Rottweiler with a tail, nice act of friendship, amazing.
    Reminds me of Obama who called himself a “Mongrel”, and it showed.
    When Americans needed help he let them drown in the pool.

  6. Having owned Labs for 50 years ( and hunted with my uncles before that 10 years)I find it hard t believe Smokey can not swim! For me it does not pass the smell test!

  7. Just not a strong swimmer, maybe due to age. It looked like he had some trouble getting out of the pool.


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