Scholar Speaks on Obama’s Red Mentor

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The black scholar who previously revealed Obama’s personal relationship with Communist Party operative Frank Marshall Davis is now speaking in detail on the record. Professor Gerald Horne says that while the relationship is noteworthy and should have been uncovered by the press, there is no evidence that Davis turned Obama “into some sort of Manchurian candidate.”

However, Professor Paul Kengor’s book about Davis, The Communist, argues that Davis had a significant influence on the formation of Obama’s Marxist views and policies as President.


7 Comments on Scholar Speaks on Obama’s Red Mentor

  1. Look, you can shroud, cloud and obfuscate the communist connection between Frank M Davis and the Øbamboozler all you want, but actions speak far louder than words and we have 7 long years of actions, sky-high debt, record unemployment and a vastly deteriorated United States as a result to prove it!

  2. No, FMD didn’t create a Manchurian Candidate. He created a confused homo.

    The Left created a Manchurian public, and Obama is their Queen of Diamonds.

    Now everybody salute the rainbow flag over our new embassy in Havana.

  3. Obama’s daddy. Got there when taking dirty pics of Barry’s skanky mamma. Looks just like him.

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