Schumer: I Wish Democrats Hadn’t Triggered the ‘Nuclear Option’

Breitbart: Incoming Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says he regrets a 2013 decision by Senate Democrats, known as the “nuclear option” to decrease the number of senators needed to confirm Cabinet picks from 60 to 51 votes.

“I wish it hadn’t happened,” Schumer said in an interview with CNN, about the move that was triggered by former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

The move is dubbed the “nuclear option” because by altering the filibuster rules it stands to blow up bipartisan Senate relations.   more

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  1. It was obvious to the rest of us at the time it would eventually backfire, the GOP would once again be in control and we’d have to listen to the caterwauling of the left screeching about how they shouldn’t have done it, now see the light, and it is unfair while subtitling threatening the GOP not to go there.

    Go there. Use it every bit as much or more than they did. This is war and it is time for them to get to experience being on the other side of their own disastrous policies.

  2. I wish I could have my last 8 years back !

    Since that’s not possible, I wish I could rip Chuckie’s ears off his bone head.

  3. Clown will have much more to cry about for the next 8+ years.


    The Left must AND WILL be eradicated.


  4. There’s no one more deserving of receiving “what goes around comes around” than Sen. Schumer. I’m going to enjoy the expected schadenfreude.

    Anyone here ever read the novel, “Unintended Consequences”, and recall the name of the Senator who died in a rather horrible and demeaning way? If you read the book you will recall the details. A character who was clearly meant to be be a parody of Sen Shumer. Even had a similar sounding name, I just can’t recall it at the moment.

  5. I can’t wait until January 20th. Democrats are going to have a large frozen dose of reality shoved way up their asses. 8 years of revenge executed in very short order

  6. Well Chuckles, this is what happens when you crap on top of a hill. Time comes when a lot of rain is gonna fall and if you are settin at the bottom of the hill, like you dummycrats are now, all that shit’s gonna wash down that there hill and right on into you oatmeal. Can’t blame anyone but your selves for that, Chuckles.

  7. Remember, they did this because they wanted to totally exclude GOP from any input into Obamacare, etc. Obama said “elections have consequences” and told the GOP to sit in the back while the Dems saved America.

  8. As O recall Chuckie laughed along with the rest of the Dems when Reid pushed the changes through. Unless there are GOP traitors (and there could be) the shoe will be on the other foot however I’d tend to think there will be a lot less gloating by Republicans.

  9. While he’s voicing ‘regrets’, did he agree with shielding from clearly justified prosecution:
    Lois Lerner
    Eric Holder
    Hillary Clinton
    deserter Bowe Bergdahl ???
    Criminals all, who enjoyed special immunity thanks to the syndicate run by a criminal pResident and a complicit Congress.

  10. @Blink

    “Unintended Consequences”, Good Book.
    If Hillary had won, we may have faced a similar scenario.

    Again, why is the 2nd amendment the only God given right of self defense that one needs a permit and approval to exercise?

  11. @Cato
    “Again, why is the 2nd amendment the only God given right of self defense that one needs a permit and approval to exercise?”

    And the only one that varies from state state.

    Do ‘free speech’ rights change, or end, when I cross state boundaries?

  12. The next time Dems take 52 seats in the Senate, the Repubs should reverse the rule. On the last day of the session. But not until then.

  13. Hey Chucky, there are MANY things we wish you Demonrats hadn’t done.

    But President Trump (God, I love saying that!) will START but destroying obamacare.
    Second item, I’d suggest impeaching the muslim dickTaster. What do you think, Chuck?

    Stand up Chuck, God love ya. h/t to SloJoBiden from Scranton

  14. He’s a prick with ears. I hope Trump goes after him. I bet there are loads of illegal dealings just waiting to be revealed.

  15. It will take 51 votes in the Senate to confirm Cabinet posts. We have GOP 54 seats. If you factor in McStain and Henrietta Lindsey, that still leaves 52 real GOP senators. Plus i think a few Democrats will be looking ahead this time to 2018 elections, and not jump through their asses to appease Chucky the Clown and Pisslousy as pure obstructionists.

  16. @Perspective -“Do ‘free speech’ rights change, or end, when I cross state boundaries? ”

    The right doesn’t change. Only the degree of failure to violate the legal restriction on government from interfering with that right. Do you recall the free speech zone they tried to establish at the Utah standoff. Then there is culture restriction that can be found on many/most college campuses. Where they have also tried to create free speech zones. Limited free speech via political correctness BS. .


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