Sean Penn Halts Filming and Demands Entire Production Staff be Vaxxed

This is the way it’s going to be. You either get the jab or you’re excommunicated from society.

TV Line-

Sean Penn is refusing to return to work on the Watergate-themed Starz limited series Gaslit until the entire production, not just the cast and key crew, has been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

As reported by our sister site Deadline, Penn made clear his stance to producer UCP upon returning from the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Flag Day, a film he directed and stars in alongside Katheryn Winnick (Big Sky), his daughter Dylan Penn, and Josh Brolin. Penn reportedly has a couple weeks’ worth of filming left on Gaslit.

Current COVID safety protocols in Hollywood, which were the product of much negotiation with assorted unions, only afford producers “the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis,” Deadline notes. (Zone A includes where unmasked actors congregate and perform on set, surrounded only by key crew members.)


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  1. …because God knows we can’t live without the latest Sean Penn propaganda extravaganza…/s

  2. I hope they sue him for any health issues they get. To oblivion! Make him sign a paper that says they can’t work unless they get vaccinated. Then you have it! Proof. Actually aren’t verbal contracts legal in California? hmmmm…

  3. Maybe he’ll be one of those people who die or get ill from something which will have nothing to do with the jab. Nothing at all. Is Cocaine Heart a pre-existing condition, or a comorbidity?

    Maybe we should keep a closer eye on future celebrity deaths. Deaths which will have nothing to do with the jab, of course.

  4. Let me help out. I don’t go to movies and almost never rent them. This may be a surprise to them but the world does not revolve around their crap. Pretty much everything entertainment and media put out are lies. It’s been this way for years.
    You’re welcome.

  5. For someone who has a hard time paddling a John boat without sinking it he sure is a demanding little fukker ain’t he!

  6. If it ain’t black and white, I rarely bite,
    If they’re not smoking cigarettes,
    My attention they probably won’t get.
    If their cars have safety glass,
    I’ll probably take a pass.
    If they don’t have telephone booths,
    I might not watch the damned movie.


  7. Sean Penn new Ambassador at large for Haiti
    Others attached, no surprises.
    Robert DeNiro
    Meryl Streep
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Courtney Love
    George Clooney
    Kim Kardashian
    Mel Gibson
    Demi Moore
    Melanie Griffith
    Julia Roberts
    Orlando Bloom
    Felicity Jones
    California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

  8. This from the guy who begged Hugo Chavez to fuck him in the ass?
    AFTER sucking his dick?

    Did he get vaccinated for that?

    izlamo delenda est …


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