Police officer uses Taser without warning on unarmed 75-year-old man in his underwear

“How I was brutally attacked, and almost murdered… Has really affected me in a lot of
ways. The memory of how I was treated, and not just how I was treated by the police
force, but also then after that by the district attorney, like I was the aggressor, that has
severely affected me.

Some people may wonder why I would be so set on the public
release of these videos, when releasing them means that everyone I know is going to
see me in my skivvies, stripped of my dignity, and assaulted in my own home.
But what the world will see in these videos is not me at my worst, but a police
department at their worst. I am a patriot. I love my country.

There are a number of good people out there, of good police officers. These are not them. People like this should not be police. What they took from me that day, I can’t put into words. I’m going to do whatever it takes with what little time I have left to stop this from happening to anyone else ever again.”


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  1. Meth head neighbors were banging on the walls. This is why you don’t want to live in an apartment building.

  2. Yeah, she was asleep and those are her jammies that she was wearing. Shit faced and probably was causing a disturbance, but the dyke cop with the tats looks nice.

    Don’t open the door and aim for the head when they come through it.
    Asked him how much he had to drink, but the drunk next door slurring her words gets him tased?
    Made it to ten minutes, maybe the rest later…

  3. The system worked just like it is supposed to. The male cop fucked up, he is now fired and will be criminally charged. The old asshole will get a nice civil monetary payout from the city.

    This is why the cops have body cams.

  4. So. did he hit the gal or not? Either way, it doesn’t justify what Cagney and Tazey did.

    And a like the way little miss Millennial couldn’t stop playing with her phone. When he knocked, she probably came to the door with her face buried in the screen. That’d be enough to piss off an old dude, for sure.

  5. Women are automatically believed. Never mind his side of things.
    What happened to the dyke with the bad haircut?

  6. @Thirdtwin

    That’s what I want to know. Did he hit the woman or not?

    Makes a big difference to me.

    Only thing against the man is the Sword which he clearly put down and really didn’t present much of a threat to the coppers.

    There always seems to be a chain of people not really using common sense in most of these incidents.

  7. She probably got popped by her boyfriend for being annoying.

    But here’s the important question, if you only get a haircut on half your head, is it half the price?

  8. CPR Colorado Public Radio wrote that according to the 75 year old’s Lawyer “Clark never left his apartment or struck the woman but did bang on his wall…”

    (his own wall from within his own apartment)

  9. “There are a number of good people out there, of good police officers. These are not them.”

    You will rarely find “good police officers.” The “good” ones have left the force and found better endeavors. The ones left couldn’t get a job as a bouncer if they tried. I hope the senior citizen sues their ass.

  10. SNS has been there. How do you not adopt the attitude of the cops when you show up on a call like this. The old man is made out to be the aggressor.

    Got through the whole video (difficult) and the scariest part is that it’s me with hair (but I won’t answer with what he did).

    Lost audio for two minutes about 30minutes in so not sure what was being said by the cops in the hallway. The idiot in the pink was definitely impaired in my not so humble opinion. Mood swings, emotional ranting, changing the story as she keeps running her mouth, etc. Talking her version to start the shit show going was a mistake.

    Big mistake!

    Never know who was beating on walls…
    But she’s going to “carry and shoot him.”

    SNS, what’s your take?
    Summation, I’d punch the bitch too.
    Bet that guy is glad he invited her to move in with him. By the end of the call the cop knew he was fucked. She was the aggressor.
    Checking back later…

  11. Unfortunately way too many ignorant cops. I’ve always known that, but just like the rest of society there are more of them and fewer who know how to do their job.

    These dumbass cops never announced they were the police when beating on his door. He obviously had some drunk ignorant neighbors and probably thought it was them beating on his door, hence why he opened it with a weapon. He put it down when they told him to, he was doing nothing when the ignorant cop zapped him, totally uncalled for.
    The problem is this guy got fired, but will be hired by another city.

    I’m not all into backing the blue anymore, when I’ve seen too many blue following orders and arresting moms in parks and at ball games while sitting back and doing nothing to people burning down cities. Remember when Michelle Malkin was putting on a rally to support cops and the cops allowed the thugs to attack them?

    90% of law enforcement is not your friend anymore. That’s just the sad truth.

  12. Cops anymore are just unionized thugs acting as the protectors of the ruling class.

    I’ll bet that if the old man had a dog, the cop would have shot it, instead.

  13. The following isn’t a statement about this particular set of cops.
    People need to be aware that once the good cops retire or quit because of the left’s DEFUND ALL COPS bullshit, you’re going to get waste of space, criminal, and self serving people to fill those positions. Because that’s all that will be left.

    They’ll all become like the UN’s powder blue helmet cops. Those assholes practically sell tickets to rape women and children in the refugee camps.

  14. Yes, there are “good LEOs.” A whopping 5% of them. As a conservative, I’m supposed to be pumping the pompoms for these jerkfaces, yet there are countless stories that compel me to do otherwise. And they are becoming more militarized with each passing year. The Burn Loot Murder crowd has it wrong that they hate one race. They hate one class. The middle class. Oh, uhm, yeah, except for the aforementioned 5% of “the good ones.”

  15. In 2012, I was driving home from work. I got stopped by a female LEO for doing 50 in a 45. I presented my drivers license and concealed carry license as is required in Texas. She asked if I was on my way home from work as she saw my ExxonMobil uniform. Then she asked if I had a weapon in the vehicle and I said yes. She threatened to call my employer and report me as she was aware that Exxon had a strict policy about carrying weapons onto their property, even onto the employees parking lot. What she didn’t know was that Texas had recently passed a law making it illegal for companies to forbid employees to carry weapons in their vehicle to and from work and had to provide parking space to allow for that. I even gave her the details of the new legislation and when it went into affect. She said she would be looking into that and get back with me and my employer if I was lying. I won’t tell you what I would have done to her if she would have gotten me fired other than to say she would have been on disability for the rest of her life. The lesson here is that answering even the most benign question from the wrong LEO can change the rest of your life forever. Don’t do it! Keep your mouth shut! You’d be surprised how many people are jealous of those who have the blessing of making what those who work in the oil and petrochemical industry make. It was none of her damn business where I was coming from and to threaten to report me to my employer. By the way, even before that law was passed, I carried every single day traveling to and from work, regardless of what Exxon said. Screw Rex Tillerson!

  16. Cops Earning the Hate… Hope he meets Karma soon! Maybe we’ll get lucky and some Thug will take him out and I’m not talking about lunch! Sorry I have a hard time supporting the Blue when they can’t even Police themselves…

  17. I’m a big supporter of police but when I see chit like this I have second thoughts? I hope the low life so-called PO get’s put into a jail with lots of cornholers and the old guy gets rich!

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