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Seattle Mayoral Candidates Run Away from ‘Defund the Police’ Disaster

HeadlineUSA: Not one candidate who participated in Seattle‘s mayoral forum on Tuesday called for the city’s police department to receive less funding, let alone to “defund the police.”

Only last summer the Seattle City Council endorsed — but did not ultimately adopt — the radical proposal to cut the police department’s budget by 50 percent, the Seattle Times reported.

Some candidates at the Downtown Seattle Association’s mayor discussion instead endorsed raising the city police department’s budget and hiring more cops.

“I think the pendulum has swung against defund the police,” said candidate Lance Randall. “You can see it in these forums—the people who used to talk about it either don’t talk about it anymore or are now actively backpedaling.”

Randall himself suffered from Seattle’s lawlessness last Saturday when he caught two thieves trying to steal a car’s catalytic converter. more here

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  1. Alki Beach in West Seattle has turned into a nightly mess with car racing, shootings and an increase property crime. They’ve closed it early over the July 4 weekend to discourage even more of the same. I lived there for years. Many great memories of standing on Alki under an umbrella (!) watching fireworks over the Sound. It’s just disgusting what has become of such a once safe accessible city.

    God forbid anyone in King County votes for someone with an R behind their name.

  2. Seattle used to be a lovely city, for a city of any stripe. Portland was as well, maybe a bit more ‘gritty’ but still a place to go for fun and games. Both have been leftist run for generations but the ‘old school’ left was a dog of a different color than the psychotics people are electing in this past couple of decades. Either the people of the two cities are simple virtue signaling idiots or VOTE FRAUD is a thing.

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