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Target Announces Early Closing Hours In San Francisco To Curb Rampant Shop Lifting


Target has cut back operating hours at its stores in San Francisco because of rampant and increasingly brazen incidents of shoplifting at certain locations in the city.

A Target spokesperson sent the following statement in to KPIX 5 confirming the decision to adjust stores hours in San Francisco is related to theft. More

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  1. Have to protect their corporation from a group of people that are otherwise known as Crime, Inc.

    In other news, ten churches burned to the ground in Canada the other day in a wave of church burnings. How come the left is making north america a crime ridden hellhole and the governments say that it is the right’s fault?

  2. All the pervs who hang out in Target dressing rooms will have to find another place to expose themselves.
    That’s totally Unfair and Discriminatory, lawsuit to follow.

  3. After my many years working in retail, I believe shoplifters should be shot on sight. The stores don’t eat these losses they are passed on to the consumers not unlike taxes and other expenses. If they can’t then they close the stores.

  4. when 51% of the population is benefiting from the non prosecution of thieving your city is past the point of fixing the problem via the next election.

    San Fran is so screwed and there is no fixing it.

  5. From the article: “Target’s San Francisco stores have moved to a 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. schedule, while most other Target stores operate between 7 or 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.”

    So again, the working guy gets screwed, since before 9 and after 5 is the only time they can shop. Meanwhile the shoplifters simply adjust their “working” hours.

  6. Target didn’t really care when riots where occurring. Target stores have no windows, and only front and back doors. They did not secure those points. They are part of the liberal mindset in this country. Finally, when the effects are so huge, they take this step. Don’t shop there anymore. Get woke, go broke, don’t care

  7. “F” Target! They are finally getting their come uppins. Not near enough payback for opening up your female bathrooms to males and for caving to the liberal agenda. I hope Target goes bankrupt!

  8. Big Dick July 3, 2021 at 2:30 pm

    “Certain locations in the city”. Gee, I wonder who lives around those certain locations.

    Feinstein and Pelosi have mansions in San Francisco, and outside of San Francisco in the Napa Valley.

  9. What will happen is next, they’ll adjust the hours from 9:30am to 5pm.
    And then they’ll announce the stores’ closures right after their Back To School Shoplifting events.

    But, if there’s another burning/discount session before that, they’ll just close them all down.

    And then another old woman will cry to the cameras about how they took the only place she could get to on the bus (that they also burned down) to buy her groceries. And if the reporter has any fucking sense, he will ask her, “Ma’am… Who did you vote for?”

  10. Just like the liberal solution to gun violence is banning all guns, I think that woke Target’s solution to shoplifting should be to ban all stores – close them all – shoplifting problem solved. You’re welcome


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