Sekulow nails the dems on due process farce

12 Comments on Sekulow nails the dems on due process farce

  1. Every single thing that he said and how he explained it-
    How can any registered Democrat possibly support what their elected officials are attempting? It’s outrageous.

  2. Impressive, I have my doubts that the left is listening or even cares. They seek power at any price, in dollars or moral values.

  3. Mr. Sekalow delivering a well prepared statement. The Democrats were confused by such words as due process, constitutionality, presidential privileges.
    May the conspirators be denied such rights in their Treason trial.

  4. I was doing deliveries today and listening and they played Schiff in its entirety. When Sekulow came on and started scoring points, they broke away and the reporters started talking about Schiffs speech. My local station is an ABC affiliate. Had to switch to NPR to catch the rest. I hate NPR. The medias doing everything they can to obscure the facts. To NPR’S credit, they broadcast the entirety but did prop the dems at all the breaks.

  5. Constituents of the left are so ignorant or so rabidly ideologically focused, that they have no idea of, or care for, due process. They are a confluence of dangerous groups who indepentently arrive at the same conclusion/objective.

  6. what kind of meds do they have adam schiff on

    his facial expression always looks like that other adam (lanza) from sandy hook

  7. Pleased to see this video. Earlier in the day I heard comments on the car radio that Trump’s team had shredded the democrats. Them two hours ago I tried to watch TV news coverage of the day’s events. After 5 minutes listening to the outrageous BS squirting out of the mouths of the democrats. I couldn’t take it any more.

    Turned it off, and did something fun. I sat down to pay my monthly bills. Never turned the TV back on to see if video of Trump’s legal team was finally being reported.

  8. If you can get it, watch cspan, cspan2 especially.

    I, too, dislike the talking heads.

    Can’t take more of the dems lies. I just “mute” when it’s their turn.


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