Selfless, But Hapless, Hero Jumps in East River in NY to Save Woman – He Didn’t Know How To Swim

Pope, 29, said he was reading when out of nowhere, an unclothed woman began to scream before ultimately throwing herself into the river.

“I’m from Boston!” the woman yelled. “I can swim!”

Pope’s initial shock turned to concern for the woman’s well-being. Instinctively, he jumped into the chilly waters to try and bring the woman to shore before she harmed herself.

But Pope, who does not know how to swim, soon found himself on the brink of drowning.

“I’m looking around, I don’t see anyone, so I just jumped,” Pope recalled. “Tried to save her, and that didn’t work out too (well).”


This doesn’t diminish what he did. He’s still a hero.

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  1. I think it’s upbringing. I grew up near the beach, was enrolled in swim lessons at an early age and body surfing by the end of elementary school. But if you’re raised away from natural water there is less motivation for the parents to enroll their kids, either plenty of competing activities or lack of funds for lessons.
    First thing you are taught in any emergency situation is to make sure you, the rescuer, are not put at risk. In a first aid situation it may just be avoiding body fluids, but in a risky environment doing something like this just makes the situation worse.

  2. Seems more like a murder thwarted. Chick from Boston, shouts out “I CAN SWIM!” and the New York guy is all “bitch, the hell you can!” and went after her.

    People from Boston and NY are natural enemies in the wild.

  3. Salty, Rice took direction well. If Montana said “GO LEFT”, Jerry would have gone left.

    If Joe Montana said “I CAN SWIM!” and jumped in the water…. Rice would have assumed Joe could swim.

  4. Uh… sorry, no. I’m a former marathon swimmer, and if I ever have psychotic delusions or something and feel like throwing myself into some waterway for a swim (which I’ve been known to do on occasion when I’m not having delusions, albeit a couple of times drunk), I really don’t want to be “saved” by a “hero” who can’t swim pulling me down. Very dangerous. Why lifeguards will knock out a panicking drowning swimmer.

  5. Rewarded by a CEO of a debt collection agency?
    This guy will be harassing folks by phone and strong arming them on the streets within a week.
    If he comes after you, jump in the water, he learned his lesson.

  6. The East River is one of the most notorious and dangerous bodies of water you could imagine. The currents will drown you immediately and your body may not turn up for months and months after. Jet skiers drown even with vests on. Jumpers off the bridges are goners. Only the most experienced boat captains are certified to navigate commercial vessels on it. And idiot pleasure boaters are routinely rescued when they find themselves in big trouble on that river. The Cops and Firemen that go in that water to save people have gigantic balls.

  7. Perhaps someone might buy Pope some swimming lessons for a start. It might one day save his own life or another someone in need help once again. All in all, Pope did a good thing for someone he did not know, congratulations Mr. Pope you are on the right road in life, stay on it if you can.

  8. I’m thinking she saw an educated fella sitting by himself and decide to play damsel in distress…


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