Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Illinois) Apologies For “Trump Assassination” Staged At Fund Raiser

Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Illinois)

Daily Mail UK

A Democratic senator has apologized after pictures were posted online of a group of supporters at his fundraiser performing a mock assassination of President Trump.

In a separate image, Sen. Martin Sandoval, 55, who represents Illinois’ 11th District, was pictured standing next to one man who had constructed the simulated attack.

Images posted on social media saw one man pointing a machine gun at another person dressed in a Mexican costume wearing a Donald Trump mask. More

17 Comments on Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Illinois) Apologies For “Trump Assassination” Staged At Fund Raiser

  1. I expect this sort of thing to happen more frequently and more intensely as the election approaches.

    The Left is going to base the upcoming election on racism and hatred, those are strongly emotional strategies that will override and overcome the thinking ones the Right will be using.

    It’s the Left, it’s who they are and how they think (and they’re not sorry for it).

    The Right needs to recognize this and deal with it in kind if it wants to win

  2. Remember the rodeo clown who lost his job for donning an Obama mask? I’m sure this story will be flushed by the next news cycle.

  3. Trump’s winning hand has forced the left to reveal all their losing cards. And they just keep play those same old losing cards over and over again.

  4. If something like that had been done to O’EFFIN’BAMA the limpdick liberal democRATS would have been ready to go to war!

  5. Aaaaaaannnnnd if it really ever happens we all know who will be celebrating, dancing in the streets and handing out sweets and cakes to the children…

  6. It shows you just how dumb, thoughtless and desperate most dumocrats are in general in their inability to defend against Trump.

  7. If a Republican had pulled that crap on the
    “sacred Kenyan” they would still be gnashing
    their teeth and screaming.
    But one one of Sanders’ boys stalks a
    Congressional charity baseball game, shoots a
    and nearly kills a conservative congressman and
    the story disappeared as soon as he was “stable”.


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