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Sen. Spartacus Takes the Moral High Ground

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  1. He said today that the FBI didn’t interview all the corroborating witnesses. WHAT corroborating witnesses, you PUTZ?

  2. Booker is laughable trying to act like he’s a deep and sophisticated thinker. Flake does the same thing. What a couple of idiots.

  3. Booker couldn’t take ‘the moral high ground’ if he was standing atop the Everest of Morality

  4. Booker wouldn’t know the “moral high ground” if it came up and bit him on his Spartac-ASS.

  5. My take on Cory Booker.
    He’s a phony.
    Let me bring y’all up to date.
    When Cory was Mayor of Newark, NJ, He invented a guy, a junkie, drug dealer, named T-Bone. T-Bone once tried to kill Cory but then they became friends. This went on for years, when finally another politician from Newark told Cory the “cut the shit out.” And he did. You can read the whole story on a back issue of “National Review.”
    Then Cory, and I saw this on TV, gave a speech at Rutgers University, where he told the students, trying to relate to them, that after graduation he bought his first car and drove from New Jersey to Hawaii. The students cheered, but the professor jacked him up on that and he back tracked. They do not study Geography at Rutgers .The students were fine with what he said.
    Now he’s the Spartacus of the Senate. Hey Cory, I met Kirk Douglas once at Madison Square Garden in New York,years ago, and you’re no Kirk Douglas. But here’s my point. Cory confessed on national television last week that he once groped a girl. That’s a lie. He probably got laid, but he didn’t just grope the girl. He’s saying this to endear himself to the femenazis and progs. He’s full of shit. I demand an FBI investigation into his groping. Find the girl, investigate, and confront Cory Booker with the truth.

  6. Hey New York Times, Find the girl that Cory Booker groped.
    And let us know. While you’re at it check out Obama’s Columbia University records.

  7. I’m serious, CNN,NBC,CNBC,ABC, DEF. NYTimes,WAPO, NPR. FOX
    Find the girl that Cory Booker groped. The local police(?) and the FBI should investigate.

  8. He can’t find the moral high ground. Too much swamp sludge sliming his eyes and body. He’s infested with Swampola Virus.

  9. Booker is a major league douche bag to be sure, but he is a shining beacon of goodness compared to that misandristic, communist cum-dumpster Kamala Harris.


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