Sex and the City Star Is Running Against Cuomo For NY Guv


Cynthia Nixon’s platform is subways, which plays really well outside of New York City, lemme tell ya, income inequality, and mass incarceration.

So, basically she’s for letting people out of jail, nice subways and working on wealth redistribution.

Her and her wife, screencapped on the front page, have an uphill climb against the Cuomo crime family. I’m not in New York any longer, so I wish her well, that’s how much I despise the Cuomos.

ht/ JS.

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  1. Bunch of mentally ill freaks and no this not normal if it was the human race would have died out long ago.

  2. My fantasy: She and Cuomo appear together for a debate and are surrounded by hordes of partisan media weenies when a meteor strike wipes them all out.

  3. I don’t expect the lame Republican Party up here to put any effort into a GOP candidate. This really is a one party state. There are no trains or other mass transit where I live but we pay a half a dozen taxes to fund the MTA which is for commuters in the City. If she is for more robbing upstate to fund NYC commuters then I am against her.

  4. Just watch and see how this vicious greaseball (a slur that I never use since I am half Italian heritage) pulls out his switchblade on this dyke. His old man pulled the “homo card” on Ed Koch with the slogan “Vote for Cuomo not the Homo”. The queers, fags, homos, dykes, trannys, will be befuddled discombobulated buffoons at the throats of the other radical left wing demorats as they try to sandbag each other.

    Vote for the Pansy not for Andy
    Vote for the Homo not for Cuomo
    Vote for the Lesbian not the Sicillian
    Vote for the Carpet Muncher not the Organ Grinder
    Vote for the Strap On not the Mafia Don

  5. So one of the planks in her platform is “income inequality”. Just spitballin’ here, but I would hazard to guess that Cynthia’s income was probably quite a bit higher that a dolly grip or best boy on her crappy tee vee show.

  6. @LocoBlancoSaltine:

    Come on Uncle Al, how will she get to “the root cause of inequity” if that happens?

    Your question got me thinking. (Watch out!) Seeing that the dead are all equal, “the root cause of inequity” must be being alive.

  7. I gotta say, if I ever found myself sexually drawn to a woman, she sure as hell would not be that ugly Barney Rubble dudette

  8. Uh. Yeah. That inequality thing. Should go over real big in New York, a state with a couple million millionaires and billionaires who control the media and provide most the funding for NY democrats. Good luck with that.

  9. “Her and her wife”. Why are all of the good ones taken?

    Lousy actor = lousy politician. Good luck gorgeous.

  10. Make NYC, LA, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Chicago, etc. their very on stated so they can stop taxing the crap out of red counties!!!!

  11. If she runs a third party campaign then this is the GOP’s best chance to get the Governors office in a generation. She’ll drain money and votes from Cuomo in NYC and could be just enough to “Ross Perot” him.


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