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Though DOJ official Bruce Ohr has been demoted twice, he seems to have found a new career giving testimony to the FBI. He’s was interviewed 12 times by the Bureau between November 2016 and May 2017. Take your pick whether those interviews were for damage assessment by members of Obama’s FBI or part of a criminal investigation by those tasked with ferreting the members of the conspiracy.

But Bruce isn’t the weak link in the cabal trying to corrupt our political process. It’s his wife, Nellie. More



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  1. Woooooooah Nellie!!


    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I suspect ol’ Nellie will be put out to pasture soon. I hope these two didn’t procreate.

  3. hey! it’s the mother of the husband of that woman that’s running against Jr. Cuomo.
    a lot of family resemblance there!

  4. @Dr. Tar:

    …those interviews were for damage assessment by members of Obama’s FBI or part of a criminal investigation by those tasked with ferreting the members of the conspiracy.

    The earliest interviews were conducted before DJT’s inauguration, IOW during Barky’s administration. It’s a safe bet those weren’t part of a criminal investigation. The later ones may have been.

    And “ferreting”? I’d prefer rhinocerosing or maybe Cape buffalo stampeding.

  5. I keep telling you lads and lassies that I get on my knees every morning for a moment to thank God and the Electoral College for President Trump.

  6. Tonight on Hannity 9pm ET Devin Nunes and Mark Levin. Should be interesting.
    I just hope that Hannity let’s them speak. You never know with that guy. I like him and I don’t, if ya know what I mean.

  7. “Nellie Ohr was a communication transfer hub.”

    I still want to know who was on the other end of her HAM radio. What was up with that?

  8. I believe that the delay in the OIG’s report getting released is due to so many FBI and DOJ rats jumping ship and turning on their co-conspirators. There was so much more information and documentation uncovered during this investigation, that it has taken more time for the final report to get released. This could lead right into the Obama White House and the Clinton election campaign. The Great Unraveling is taking longer, but it will be worth the extra time. The Orhs are probably singing like canaries.


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