Shady Schiff on Mueller Public Testimony: It’s “Going To Happen, It Has To”

Bongino: House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is confident that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify publicly about the Russia probe.

Speaking to MSNBC host Chris Hayes last night, Schiff said his committee was talking with the Special Counsel’s office.

“We’re in conversation with the Special Counsel’s office and it’s not that they’ve confirmed a date but this is going to happen,” he said. “It has to.”

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10 Comments on Shady Schiff on Mueller Public Testimony: It’s “Going To Happen, It Has To”

  1. Didn’t Lindsay Graham invite Mueller to testify before Senate Judiciary, at Mueller’s option? My guess is that if Mueller doesn’t choose to testify it’s because he feels he has said in the report all that there is for him to say. Regardless of putting on a show I can’t imagine anything new.

  2. I kinda miss Alan Grayson but Schiff-4-Brains is trying hard to take the title of most Punchable face and Smugmug Award this year!

  3. I’ll be glad when the A-G advises SCHIFFLESS, that he has the right to remain SILENT… 😉

  4. Mueller testifies & it blows up in the “Progs” faces, then what will they do? Maybe they’ll try to march on the White House in their “Pussy Hats” & “Inclusive” signs to try to overthrow President Trump.

  5. Is it possible that Mueller does not want to testify because he would have to answer questions, like @ Left Coast Dan said of Lin-zay?

    Does Mueller want to be asked why he knew what he knew when he knew it. IOW that he KNEW a year ago that this was bullshit. WHY did he let this go on and on knowing the absolute damage it was doing and how the fake, phony fraud media are nothing but democrat stenographers would only propagate the whole dam mess.

    Do not know enough about the law and politics, but what if Mueller balks the ‘invite’ and is subpoena’d but does not show up and is charged with contempt? And, he knows contempt means NOTHING, based on Holder surviving.

    Another DJT setup??

    Possible or dreaming here?!

  6. How can that bug-eyed pencil neck geek keep showing up on TV and not feel ashamed or embarrassed? Oh yeah, he’s an unaware STUPID bug-eyed pencil neck geek.

  7. Schiff-brains should be careful what he wishes for. Mr. Integrity can’t put out any sleaze or innuendo that wasn’t already in the slander volume of his “report”. He can, however, be made to squirm by some fairly obvious questions under oath.

  8. He makes Kevin Spacey look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    All he needs is a propeller beanie.

  9. I want to see Schiff testify under oath about how he has ALL THE EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION THAT NOBODY ELSE HAS. Or has ever seen. He should be indicted for obstructing justice by not giving his evidence to the special counsels office

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