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She’s often confused

hillary often confused

Judicial Watch has caused quite a stir by releasing an email exchange from 2013 where Hillary’s long-time companion and aide Huma Abedin wrote of her boss that she’s often confused. [Story@ Patriot Retort]

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  1. not only confused, but confusing

    what a vapid, vacuous, dishonest whore

    if you are a christian and a go-hillary person, you are an idiot

  2. Ignorance – the last bastion of politics.

    “I read it in the paper just like you did.”
    “No … this is the first I’ve heard about that.”
    “There’s not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.”

    Voters buy it cuz they’re pretty fucking ignorant, too.

  3. If I had to remember as many lies as she has told, as well as to whom they were told, I’d probably be confused too.

  4. Sometimes she feels like a nut……

  5. She is also often stupid! She/it also married Bongo Billy that’s three strikes and yer out!!!.

  6. my dad used to say to me just before he whipped my ass, if you’re going to be a good liar, you better have a good memory

  7. Must have been a hell of a hangover on Sept. 12, 2012.. She’s still wearing the hair of the dog that bit her.

  8. I bet she’s not the least bit confused about the status of her money piles.

  9. Face it stuck-in-the-past conservatives, Hillary Rodham Clinton WILL be the first woman to be President Of The united states. Times are a changing. Progress is happening. Like this.

  10. Sorry forgot the period……………………..

  11. Larry, Larry, Larry … too late … Obola was the first woman to be preznit … the first mulatto woman, to boot! Whatever HRC does, she’ll be sucking hind tit.

  12. aaaagghhh my eyes! Thanks for that visual. I thought I was being safe by avoiding whatever video Leisure Suit Larry is pimping.

  13. She is confused about who Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend is suppose to be loyal to.

  14. Leave Hillary alone!

    Don’t forget her bravery:

    Dodged sniper fire in Bosnia.

    Stayed up until 10PM during the Benghazi attack.
    (Not to mention missed Real Housewives of Chappaqua)

    A would-be Marine if mean white men had let her.

    Of course she is afraid to say Islamic Terrorist, & All Lives Matter, so there is that…

  15. Damn that bitch did fall on her head HARD. Musta been between the Marines and dodging sniper bullets in Croatia.

  16. Dang Loco beat me to it and it was Bosnia not Croatia. I knew it was one of those messed up places.

  17. Hillary gets the knife twisted by her favorite Muslimah. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  18. Bernie Sanders:
    “Get off my lawn!”

    Hillary Clinton:
    “Somebody answer that damn phone!”

    Joe Biden:
    “How about if I touch you…here?”

  19. Disagreeable old thing.
    She is confused because the gravity on Earth is slightly stronger than on her home world. Where she would go by the name of Cankledon
    The higher gravity puts strain on her carapace and makes her unable to expose her lower extremities to air due to the possibility of leaks in the exoskeleton.
    This causes lower fluid pressure in the camouflage sensory housing stump which cools the brain nodule and leads to a lag time in mental functions due to torpor.

  20. Not to make light of your comment, but ALL our dads said that to us.

  21. ……one more reason I’d like her to release her medical records.

  22. Read all the emails. Huma is toast. Of course, she could cut a deal….

  23. Hillary’s “long-time companion.”

    You have to be a certain age to remember that “long time companion” in the media meant queer butt buddy.

  24. Helps explain the sham marriage to her wiener wagging husband Wiener.

  25. This sets the stage for leaving the race on account of some mysterious medical condition if the FBI starts leaking.

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