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“Soooo Fierce”

The queer brigade are tearing up with joy. Barbie has produced a commercial with a young flaming queer in it that couldn’t be gayer if he was doing his nails with balls of cotton between his toes.

I thought the crusade was to remove stereotypes? This commercial INSERTS the stereotype and outs the crusade for what it is – an attempt at homofying youth.

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The queer nation is not at all interested in seeing a masculine boy introducing “a girl’s doll” into his GI Joe set for heterosexual role play.

Nope, the kid in this video makes these degenerates happy not because he’s playing with a doll, but because he’s most likely playing with a penis, and not his own.

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  1. That kid doesn’t look obviously like a boy to me. I’ve seen females with hair like that too. Could be either a girly boy or a girl trying to look boyish. I’m so confused! Just call me Hillary!

  2. The queers constantly see what they can get away with. I email companies all the time. Telling them I won’t buy your product because queers are in the ad.
    I refuse to buy anything being pushed by queers on home shopping networks.
    Keep your crap.

  3. I, for one am tearing up with joy. In fact I am sparkling Finally boys can be free to be what they are. Not like some of us, who endured a childhood of homophobic hate. And to school big—hat, we are NOT degenerates!

  4. Sparkling? Does that mean you have plumbed your intestinal gas into your urethra?

    As for being a degenerate, maybe not. One sense of that word implies a regression to a more primitive prior state and I doubt seriously that men ever went through such a phase. So, what you are is a deviant.

  5. In 08 some progassoles used their kids to sing a produced choir arrangement of Hope & Change. There was that school teacher using children to harmonize a tribute to Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

    Kindly libs often use their kids for political statements. The recent outlash at Trump over illegal immigration for one. Nothing new here. For liberals kids are grist for their sick twisted mill even if they’re beyond the organ harvesting age.

  6. Larry, Larry, Larry … no … you are not a degenerate … don’t cry.

    You are a filthy, cock-sucking, ass-licking abomination who allows strange men to fornicate your ass.

    More often than not, you probably pay them to do it.

  7. Kids don’t know from gay at eight. I see no reason to project current, fleeting (they truly are) Gay-O-centric value systems on little kids.
    The heteronormative patterns are there because after thousands of years…they work best for a stable society.
    MOST boys like to play Army, and get dirty. Some do not.
    Those who think they are girls are in need of help, not Barbies.

  8. That’s the idea! Destroy the gender binary and all, right? All good, clean, wholesome fun. And don’t you dare ask because that’s transphobic donchaknow!

  9. Wonder if his parents are just money hungry, homosexuals or libidiots?
    They have to be one of those because no sane parent would ever allow their kid to be exploited like this.
    This is literally queer bait.
    Pedophiles all over are probably playing this on a loop.

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