Shifty Adam Schiff No Longer Requires CIA Gossip for Impeachment Testimony

Conservative Treehouse: Well, this was entirely predictable.  First the impeachment strategy needed the anonymous CIA gossiper to testify.  Then it leaked about how HPSCI Chairman Adam Shiff and his Lawfare staff actually created the “gossiper’s” silly third-hand complaint to an inspector general; who then changed ‘gossip’ rules to allow second and third-hand hearsay.

It was all becoming more brutally sketchy, and the impeachment jenga blocks were tenuous at best.  As a result, republicans were going to inquire about how the CIA gossiper constructed his complaint; and then the complaint attorney’s started saying the gossiper would not appear in person, but rather write more complaint letters instead of testifying.

The shift from sketchy testimony to “Dear Sir” letters was ridiculous in the extreme. So what happens next?  Well, this is predictable…. Chairman Adam Schiff now says there will likely be no gossiper testimony because now he doesn’t need it.  more

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  1. This reads like something from the People’s Cube or Babylon Bee.
    What a joke the house is anymore. The good news many left leaning people I know are tiring of this nonsense and have gone from “orange man bad” to “throw then all out”. They may still hate Trump but their anger is now going to damage the lefts moderates.

  2. What a sorry day this is for our country. Is there nothing that can be done to stop this nonsense? How is it possible for the Democrats on a committee to unilaterally change the rules like this?

  3. People are most dangerous when they have nothing left to lose. Democrats have very little left to lose and it will get worse.

  4. Socialists are dictators. The House of Representatives is the one place they hold power. So they are projecting power over the rest of the federal government. The GOP is letting them.

  5. …so, does that mean we can put the voices in his head on the stand?

    …might be difficult to understand them though, what with the echo from being in that vast, empty space between his ears and all…

  6. Make it up behind “closed doors” and leak it.
    How unoriginal. He was taught this by the MSM
    goobers who have been doing that for decades.

  7. Has it not yet dawned on anyone that there simply is NO “whistleblower?”

    It was all made-up shit and President Trump wasn’t supposed to release the transcript. Total fabrication – whistleblower, quid pro quo, collusion, all of it. President Trump raised and called: by Schitt and Pelosi’s false accusations they’ve put Joey Biden’s (and consequently the entire Legislature’s) shit in the street. We now get an inkling of how deep and wide the flood of corruption is – we now know it goes back to the Clinton Administration and polluted the Obola mal-Administration.
    The nihilistic totalitarians keep digging and President Trump keeps handing them shovels – they won’t get it unless (or until) Barr starts trying and convicting.
    Once someone goes to jail, they’ll rat – they’ll be scrambling over each other to be the first rat – watch (unless they get to Barr – dead or skewered).

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. …who is this “Barr” of which you speak, @Tim? Is that the guy who disappeared while looking for Jeff Sessions’ 4.875e5 sealed subpoenas?

    …haven’t seen him since…


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