Adam Schiff Reads Nursery Rhymes

OK, it’s not really Adam Schiff, but Tom Shillue captures all the creepiness and embellishments of the House Judiciary Chairman’s speech pattern. Here

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  1. Only on the Greg Gutfeld show. Shillue did a great impression with that bug eyed stare that to question, “are you buying this”? lol

  2. Watched that yesterday morning, it’s creepy, damn creepy how well Tom Shillue did.
    So much better than Baldwin’s President Trump.
    I understand SNL tried to be relevant again, even the Progs cannot ignore them any longer.
    Come on guys, show some real guts, put on Mini AOC, she’s hilarious.

  3. Comedian Tom Shillue, as Adam Schiff, reads nursery rhymes on The Greg Gutfeld Show ( I couldn’t get the twitter video to play) .

    Schiff and the other nutjob democrats remind me of the German fairy/folk tale about the Seven Swabians.

    Who were easily fooled into seeing monsters in every harmless encounter, but to conceal their foolishness swear to not say anything about their errors.

    Then comes the happy ending. After the first Swabian drowns crossing a stream, but the others believe he was turned into a frog. The six surviving Swabians think it’s their friend telling them to wade across, they rush in the water and all drown. .

    That’s Schiff, with his hypnotic eyes, beckoning the others to follow me.

  4. Love the GG show, and watch it every week. He and his cast put a big smile on my face. Reminds me as I go to bed of how funny late night comedy shows used to be when they were actually funny and not mean-spirited.

    Loved Tom Schillue’s interpretation of Schiff. It was Laugh out Loud funny and clever and there isn’t much of that on any show anymore.


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