Should Americans Pay Slavery Reparations?

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  1. I’m willing to pay reparations to anyone that was a slave in America from 1640 until January 1863, PERIOD!

    The rest of you crybabies can pound sand.

  2. Reparations to people who never were slaves by people who never had slaves?
    Fuck you, the 40 acres, and the mule you rode in on.

  3. Sure, after they pay reparations to the families of the Union soldiers killed and maimed fighting to free the slaves.

  4. …my persecuted Irish and German ancestors, some of whom fought for the North, say yes, and want to know when I’m going to get reparations for what THEY suffered and died for from the Democrats that caused the suffering…

  5. …also, no Republican ever owned slaves. Feel free to go to any Democrat leader’s house and take what you want, the Democrats were the slave owners so if anyone needs to pay anyone, it’s THEM…

  6. …although I am willing to pay reparations to every slave I have PERSONALLY owned.

    ($0 changes hands)

    …there, THAT was easy…

  7. Hmmm, should blacks that can show linkage to slaves and who are rich and successful have to pay reparation because if it weren’t for those slaveships they never would have gotten to America and instead be sold to arabs and led a short, miserable life.

  8. I remember Williamson saying it was going to take upwards of $500 billion to absolve those whites who feel guilt over what was done in the past. My question, assuming the money is coming from the federal government, how do they propose making sure that those who are due the reparations aren’t having their taxes applied? Also, I in no way feel guilt or a need to pay money to a stranger to assuage my guilt for something I never did.

  9. …now, go ask the Muslims for reparations, they’ve a MUCH larger history of enslaving everybody, INCLUDING selling Black West Africans for the American slave trade.

    In fact, they buy and sell slaves NOW, INCLUDING modern Black people.

    …go on, ask them, we’re waiting…

  10. Why should I have to pay reparations since none of my ancestors were slave owners. Most of my ancestors fought on the side of the Union although some who were on my grandmothers side who was from Texas fought for the Confederacy. I am not responsible for the sins of my forefathers, neither is anyone else, it was paid in blood on both sides to end slavery 150 + years ago.

  11. Forcing the issue abroad. 88 U.S. Senators are trying to pressure Pompeo to ‘urge’ Poland to shell out reparations for Holocaust victims living in its borders. Um, don’t think it works here or over there.

  12. Yesterday I was cut off on the expressway by a beat down car, taped windows, no rear bumper, full of dents, you know the car I’m talking about. It was filled with an unknown number of blacks, I couldn’t count all the teeth and eyeballs in time. But I did get a good look at the trunk with a “YANG 2020” and a “REPARATIONS” sticker the same time an arm flew out the window and flicked a cigarette butt as it cut me off going about 90 MPH. I was on my motorcycle. Ordinarily I’d be pissed at such assholes, but it was hilarious I laughed about it the rest of the ride home. They gonna get that $1000/mo UBI and reparation!

  13. Sorry, reparations have been continually doled out, including some mighty fine upgrades since LBJ’s Great Society program. Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.

  14. Obama appropriated 4 trillion dollars
    for his ” stimulus ”
    and no one knows where the money went.

    Tell Obama to send the money back to the treasury
    so we can pay off people similar to the people
    his family still enslaves to this day.

    Yes, to this day
    Obama’s family are still slaveholders in Kenya.
    How muslim of them.

  15. And do blacks suppose that after these ‘reparations’ dollars are paid to them that suddenly they will never again be deemed underachieving dindu nothing parasites?

    “Who gonna change dat laeebub?! You best caw da lanlo !”

    But I would consider paying boatfare to return them to their motherland.

  16. BigOwe
    AUGUST 8, 2019 AT 10:40 AM
    “Forcing the issue abroad. 88 U.S. Senators are trying to pressure Pompeo to ‘urge’ Poland to shell out reparations…”

    …88?!? So they have the NERVE to go try to get Holocaust reparations from Poland while THEIR very NUMBER Heils Hitler, by THEIR OWN RULES?!?!

    …Chutzpah, thy name is Democrat…

  17. BigOwe, Poland is not responsible for the Holocaust the Nazis were. The Polish people and the Jews were victims of horrific Nazi repression so they should not have to pay reparations. It’s like saying that everyone that I have ever sinned against or held a grudge against or just plain didn’t like should be owed by me to be paid for my transgressions. Guilt will not be assuaged by any amount of money only God and his grace and mercy can repay our transgressions in full.

  18. The only thing they might possibly be owed and for which I am willing to pay is ‘Repatriation’ back to a country of their choice! A one way ticket and the relinquishment of both American citizenship and passport! If they choose to stay here they shut up about anything being owed to them!

  19. Well if Liberal Whites want to pay Liberal Blacks… nobody’s stopping them! (Not the Taxpayers money)

  20. Snopes ‘debunked’ numbers stating that percentage of whites who were slaveholders was extremely low, arriving at the conclusion that at the peak of slaveholding in USA, in the states with the highest percentage of whites owning slaves, they nearly hit 50%. So not a single state was over 50%, even in the slave-owning states they were generally a lot lower than that, and of course half of the states prohibited slavery.
    ‘But it was a slave society, so everyone was complicit’ was essentially their takeaway. Because slavery you know.

  21. Sure I’d consider it, as long as the reparations are in the form of a one way ticket back to that great continent from which they were kidnapped. Of course this commit will be deemed “racist” by the left; but, to me liberals demanding that all caucasians owe a debt to minorities is “RACIST”.

  22. Why should I pay for something I had nothing to do with?

    If I could trace the black family that killed one of my kin folks could I force them to pay reparations??

  23. There was a point in my life where everything I owned fit into two duffel bags.
    I worked my way to financial security by … working.
    I ain’t paying anyone reparations.

  24. Anyone who excepts Reparations should instantly lose their citizenship and deported to Africa…There should be a requirement for them to Prove they’re descendants of slaves! Anyone who takes Reparations who never had slave descendants should also lose citizenship and deported As Punishment!

  25. My grandfather was born 1865, in Brussels, I got no dog in the fight and never got a chance to ride that dead horse.

  26. I’m willing to pay reparations in the form of a one way ticket back to the dark continent for any of those that think they got a bad shake from this country.
    But with no re-entry allowed.

  27. My family was “imported” in 1704 from Ireland, to serve as “muscle” for the Quakers in William Penn’s colony, against Indians & bears.

    I’ll take MY BILLIONS of reparations in gold, please. 😡

  28. Affirmative action, giving unqualified blacks huge advantages over qualified whites for many decades, is reparations. Welfare is reparations. Free child care, free healthcare, free rent, free food, free phones, free WiFi is reparations. I live week to week while surrounded by throngs of ebonical animals getting every damn thing for free. It’s shameful. It’s turned them into base animals…almost a separate species.

  29. Ooo, I’m gonna be rich! Dad’s family brought here from Ireland as indentured servants. Half of Mom’s family came from Scotland also as indentured servants. Her other half were Indians of Northern Michigan – kicked out of their land.

    Fur, I’ll use part of my reparations to hire you a full-time IT guy! 🙂

  30. We paid reparations via that pig michelle obama’s ‘vacations,’ 29 servant, barry’s parties, etc.
    It’s been estimated these two clowns spent 1.3 billion of our money on themselves during the 8 year disaster.

  31. Will Jews get reparations because of FDR’s refusal to bomb the railways to the nazi concentration camps?

  32. Civil War was fought to free the slaves. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    Civil rights movement succeeded. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    LBJ’s Great Society became law. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    LBJ’s War On Poverty implemented. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    Affirmative action implemented. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    Blaming white privilege idea pushed. Didn’t seem to help blacks.
    Vilifying whites as racists. Won’t help blacks.
    Reparations for slavery in past. Won’t help blacks.

    All of these things have been done for blacks. Perhaps blacks should do something for themselves, like cleaning up their act and stop waiting for others to do everything for them and reestablishing nuclear families and reject lawlessness among themselves and stop doing drugs and having babies out of wedlock and stress education of their children and put an end to the thug culture among it’s young men and turn to Christ. Then maybe their situation will improve and be lasting and meaningful and give them something to be proud of and give them a stake in the future that’s worth fighting for.
    The Democrats hate black people and have only one use for them and that is to keep them in power by keeping them dumb, dependent and voting Democrat. The Democrats are evil!

  33. Oh, come on … it’s another “Race Hustling / Poverty Pimp” scam by Sharpton, Jackson, et al, to steal from (first) the dumb honkies and then from (second) the dumb niggrahs.

    And, of course, the BSs, Warrens, Pelosis, Mad Maxs, Schumers, Buttigiegs, Hoyers, Harrises, Bushes, &c. are gonna have to get their cuts!

    As in Puerto Rico, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, and everywhere else bushels of money were shoved to “solve” some imaginary (or real) problem, the poor dumb fucks on the shit-end will get nothing – which, however, won’t stop them from voting for the same thieving assholes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  34. If it goes to a one way ticket back to Africa. And real reparations should go to families of union soldiers that died in the civil war fighting to win the slaves freedom.

  35. As a descendant of Alexander the Great ALL you people owe me cash.

    And because he died on the job, I’ve got a Workman’s Comp claim too!

  36. Reparations paid by people who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves…
    …makes as much sense as 60+ different genders.

    I love my country, but I think I’m just going to hole up on an island somewhere in the South Pacific till this stupidity sorts itself out. I’m growing weary of trying to fight it.

  37. I’m still waiting for reparations from Ireland for all those “indentured servants” that ran off the job or simply DIED before their 7 year contract was up.

    Lazy McBastards.

  38. Hey Perry. Take Manhattan back and kick DiBlasio to fuck out, along with his guilt ridden libtards and freeloaders.

  39. President Abraham Lincoln believed the black and white could not live together. He wanted to send the Negroes back to Africa and he had Liberia (free, liberated) created for them.


  40. “… send the Negroes back to Africa and he had Liberia (free, liberated) created for them.”


    James Monroe. That’s why the capitol of Liberia is MONROVIA.
    But I guess it’s technically correct – some President some time in the past wanted to ship negroes back to Africa.

    izlamo delenda est …


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