Show this to every parent that thinks…

… they’ve done a good enough job telling their kids “don’t talk to strangers.”

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11 Comments on Show this to every parent that thinks…

  1. Back in the 50’s they were doing this, to show parents how innocent children are.
    My mother said I wanted to go with the guy to see the pony he said he had.

  2. I taught my kids to be afraid of puppies.
    “911, What’s your emergency?”
    “There is some creepy guy in the park pretending to be doing a social experiment so he can touch the children.”

  3. Yea, my kids would talk to him, unless I told them to talk to strangers. Every day, ‘Food in the kitchen,’ ‘Shoes off,’ ‘No yelling, no running, no hitting,’ ‘Shut the door!’

    It never stops – they never learn.

  4. Following the ice cream truck video that followed the puppy video is a guy willing to sell his girlfriend for an hour to a stranger for $11 k. What a piece of work. Plus, what a stupid girlfriend. She went along with it. I’m sure they’ll vote for Hillary.

  5. I saw a similar experiment years ago, and it’s sad that nothing’s changed.

    What they said in the earlier case was that kids do not understand what a “stranger” IS.
    The nice man at the park with the friendly voice, with the puppy or ice cream does not register with them as a threat.
    Parents have to do more to indoctrinate their kids.

  6. Those two videos, the puppy and the ice cream truck made me sick to my stomach. It made my heart pound knowing that the children went with him. That was the one thing that I always worried about, my children being abducted.

  7. copied and shared, thanks Mr. Pinko

    there’s also too many parents that won’t put their phones down, to give their kids 10 seconds of time, and that’s very sad


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