Marco Rubio says he supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants

RAP– Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) was campaigning in Exeter, New Hampshire on Thursday when voters questioned his ever-changing position on immigration.

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At a candidate’s forum sponsored by WMUR 9, James Allmendinger of Durham, N.H. asked the Florida senator if he supported a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

“I do, but first we’re going to have to do two things. The first thing we have to do is prove to the American people that illegal immigration is under control,” said Rubio. “Today that lack of confidence has made it impossible to make progress on immigration reform.”

Rubio proposed a two-step solution. The first step involved securing the border, creating an exit-entry tracking system to prevent people from overstaying their visas, and mandating an E-Verify system for employers.

“We need to put this in place and show it to the American people and prove illegal immigration for the future now is under control.”

His second step was to modernize the legal immigration system. Rubio wants to reform our legal immigration system into one based on skills rather than family reunification.

After those reforms, illegal immigrants must come forward, pay fines and taxes, and then receive a work-permit for ten years, residency for three to five years, and then citizenship.

Rubio has changed his position on immigration many times since running for the Senate in 2010, when he campaigned against amnesty. MORE

22 Comments on Marco Rubio says he supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants

  1. Yeah, yeah…the old “gimme what *I* want NOW, and we’ll talk about what YOU want in, oh, 20 years or so…maybe” crapola.


  2. Of course, Marco, you have compassion for the immigrantes who deserve their dignity and their rights.

    Then how about remunerations for the dumb white gringos who work every day, pay taxes, and support their communities in immeasurable ways??? If it weren’t for them, Amereeka would be just another shithole like the ones your parents and mine left to come here.

    You can speak well, Marco, but you also reveal that deep down you either DON’T get this country, OR you’re just another RINO employed by those who intend to completely dismantle the USA.


  3. In other words the 40 million criminal invaders that crawled, snuck, swam, lied, cheated and stole to get her, and stay here, over the past 30 years will be awarded with the golden gift of citizenship for their corrupt efforts . In this country, it now pays big time to be a politician and an illegal criminal alien! Ole Marco believes in his golden rule: U.S. law is for thee but not for mine chosen miscreants!

  4. Hey Rubio, what difference does it make, a path to citizenship? Why bend yourself all out of shape for that? We’re not going to vote for you ANYWAY.

    But AhA! Illegals get free welfare, income tax creditors for not paying taxes, free schools, free health care, free tuition, free medicare, and just for the icing on the cake, the Supremes said they can vote in ALL OUR ELECTIONS!

  5. Let’s quit calling them “illegal immigrants” and start calling them what they are: Alien Invading Rat People.

    They are NOT coming here to embrace the American Dream – they are coming here to embrace the American Dollar.

    Rome went from world power to subsistence economy in 1 generation for much the same bullshit.

  6. I support a Pathway that sends Rubio’sorry RINO ass back to Cuba. 😡

    Oh and take Jeb Bush with you. We are beyond sick and tired of his sorry ass. 🙄

  7. Unfortunately he WON’T.

    In Florida, the GOP decided the Primary winner is a WINNER TAKE ALL thing, so Rubio is the spoiler to hand the votes to Jeb.

    AS MUCH AS I HATE IT, I’m seriously thinking about voting Rubio (INSTEAD OF CRUZ) in the primary ONLY to block Jeb from getting the votes.

    Time will tell.

  8. The latter:

    “…just another RINO employed by those who intend to completely dismantle the USA.”

  9. I generally use the term “Illegals from Trash Countries”.
    It seems to get people’s attention. Dunno why….

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