Shrill Teacher Forbids Students To Wear Doo Rags On DC Trip Because “It’s Racist” – IOTW Report

Shrill Teacher Forbids Students To Wear Doo Rags On DC Trip Because “It’s Racist”

TBDaily News-

Just to be clear, there’s nothing racist about wearing a doo-rag. If you think that this is “culturally appropriating” black culture, then you clearly have a cartoonish image of what it means to be black in America. Not all black men wear doo-rags, and many white people wear them to keep the glare off of their bald heads. Generally from my experience anyone who uses the phrase “cultural appropriation,” while not mocking social justice warriors for using it, are white people who are trying way too hard to prove that they’re one of the “good ones.”

The fact Ms. Proulx believes that black people just go around “hurting” children who wear doo-rags in public, shows me how little she actually interacts with black people. It also illustrates that she believes that black people are so animalistic that they would resort to physically hurting children if they see one of them wearing a doo-rag or a MAGA hat. If she finds out who Candace Owens is I think her head will explode.


Formulate an image of this bint in your mind based on her voice. Now go here to see her.

My guess is that you completely nailed it.

Here’s a tweet she wrote after Trump won the election, just so you know where this bint is coming from.

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  1. Bitch, please. I’ve seen people wearing them when they play sports. All races.
    Also, people on motorcycles, people who get their hair done (blow outs) and want to keep it smooth during the night so they don’t waste $$$ letting it frizz up, Native Americans, Gypsies… Oh! And people who lost hair because of chemo treatments.

    Shut your face, grandma!

  2. I’m a white 53 y.o. woman. Depending on what length my hair is, I’ll tie a rag around my head for certain chores…painting, gardening, chicken coop cleaning to keep my hair off my face and absorb sweat. And I’ve been seen at Lowe’s wearing my work ensemble if I have to grab some supplies. Never thought a particular culture owned this

  3. Myself and a lot of other trades people I know and a very large amount of rough gnarly biker’s, some I know and many I don’t have worn those things for years to help absorb sweat and make hardhats/helmets more comfortable. Has nothing to do with race. That Bimbo would never address adults that way, she’s just on a power trip with the one group she can control. Children.

  4. When I see a Native American wearing glasses, I’m gonna slap the damn things right off of their face. How dare they!

  5. She must have never watched any movies from the 40s & 50s.

    BTW, did she forbid the children from ordering fried chicken during their meals?

    huron, Exactly!

  6. “What you are doing is appropriating someone else’s culture”

    Well ………… so much for the old argument that America is a melting pot with many people and cultures becoming one.

  7. I wear Indian Print basketball shorts. I had four or five pair of Nike basketball shorts that I quit wearing and the kids got me to start wearing the southwest print shorts and pick them out for me so I have purple and pink as well as other colors.

    Basketball is HUGE among native kids/teens on the reservations in the pacific northwest and the indian teens wear them.

    I have only seen them for sale from the vender tents at Pow Wows or relay.

    No one has ever accused me of cultural appropriation. I have been wearing them for about a year and a half now after shitcanning the Nike nylon basketball shorts that had been a part of my play clothes ensemble for decades.

    I have never gotten more compliments for any item of clothing than I do for those native print shorts. I have people I have never met come up and ask me where to buy them.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare: The dried out raspy old snatch doth protest too much, methinks.

  8. Come on, man. The pirates that drove the slave ships wore them. I was a longsh…longshot…worked on the docks at Wilmington. One of them pirates swaggers by with his racist rag, I says, “what a racist doorag”. No joke. The racist pirate turns around, ready to kill me. Then he sees the chain in my right hand that I’m about to wrap around his racist head. He and his crew never came back to the docks in their doorags after that. Swear to god.

  9. I was in my crib lookin fly in my rag when Corn Pop come up on the porch and the bitch was talkin’ some cultural appropriation and tried to snatch my shit. I wrapped a chain around my fist and fired the shotgun through the door…

  10. Joe, that wasn’t a doorag. It was the bandages after your aneurysm surgery. Now tell Mr. Corn Pop nighty night.

  11. JDHasty
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 AT 6:36 PM
    I wear Indian Print basketball shorts…..No one has ever accused me of cultural appropriation.

    You haven’t riden on Ms. Nasty’s field trip to hell charter bus.

  12. My opinion is different from everyone on here. When we were on a school trip, we had to be well dressed and well behaved because we were representing our school. But I’m an old guy.

  13. Honestly, who gives a rat’s a$$ what people wear on their heads? Oh, right, Leftist Liberals who don’t think.


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