“Simple” Brain Teaser is Causing Controversy – People Are Arriving At Multiple Answers


I’ll give my answer and reasoning after the jump.

Work out your answer before looking. Then tell me I’m an idiot.

We can all agree each apple is worth 10.

So 10 plus 2 bunches of bananas equals 18.

Each banana bunch (of four) must be worth 4.

4 minus two coconut halves equals 2. So each half is worth 1.

1 + 10 + THREE (There are only 3 bananas in last bunch) = 14

14 is my answer.

What did you get?


91 Comments on “Simple” Brain Teaser is Causing Controversy – People Are Arriving At Multiple Answers

  1. the correct answer is 16….one coconut & one banana must be deducted for ‘the party’ for ‘redistribution …. but ‘production’ must be maintained so that ‘the workers’ can enjoy greater security & prosperity

  2. I had 14 but did not see the difference in banana bunches until after the jump. Must have been my subconscious doing the heavy lifting.

  3. I entered all the data in a super computer orbiting Sirius after consulting the smartest people in the universe…

    The answer of course is 42.

    Now, where is that cow…I’m hungry!

    ( I have already debated this several times on FB)

  4. The answer is 0, because it’s what you’ll have left once OBAMA’s third-world, banana republic policies decimate what remains of the United States.

  5. the answer depends on whether or not you define the pictures of bananas as individual bananas, or a single ‘bunch’

    just thank God they didn’t use bunches of grapes

  6. I went through it twice and got 15 both times.

    The assumption you have to make is that all apples represent the same number, likewise all banana bunches and coconut halves.

    3 apples = 30, so
    …1 apple = 10

    2 banana bunches +10 = 18, so
    …2 bunches = 8, so
    …1 bunch = 4

    4 – 2 coconut halves = 2, so
    …2 coconut halves = 2, so
    …1 coconut half = 1

    1 + 10 + 4 = 15

  7. I got 15, but I hadn’t noticed there was one banana missing until someone mentioned it, so I guess the answer is really 14.

    P.S. – I never was very good at spotting a fruit.


  8. here is a much more important question……something everyone should think about and plan for, just in case it actually happens……

    if your house were on fire, and you could only take ONE THING/PERSON out of the house, what would you take out?

  9. You have to be tripping on acid or chocking on a joint or overdosing on aspirin to miss this.

    Each apple represents the number ten, so that three apples added together will sum up to thirty.

    If the apple, a ten, is added to a bunch of bananas plus another bunch of bananas to get eighteen, and if you subtract the apple, that would leave you eight divided by two (two bunches) to equal four per bunch. So, ten + four + four = eighteen.

    Four minus two equals two; the coconuts equate to two.

    The last one: One coconut = 1 + one apple = 10 + three bananas = 3; 1 + 10 + 3 = 14


  10. 14. I used common sense and common eyesight.

    Using common core: the answer is purple pancakes fueled with Nutella…..to power the rockets

  11. Let’s try that again.

    @ LocoBlancoSaltine

    I’ll take “I’m back in grade school again,” for a hundred dollars.

  12. 14 is the answer. Adding all four answers together totals 64.
    Old fashioned arithmetic is a wonderful thing.

  13. 11…forgot to factor in for deflation, since all commodities (fruit included) are cheaper thanks to strong dollar and cheaper imports. Economy 101.

  14. Bad_Brad
    February 18, 2016 at 12:29 am

    I never caught what the door mouse said. Anybody?

    Dormouse: “Keep your head!”

  15. Funny, nobody tried to convert to calories

    Apple = 120 calories
    Banana = 105 calories
    Coconut = 159 calories

    per serving.

    At least that’s how Mooch would solve this one.

  16. I would like to change my answer from 14 to 13.8.

    It could be argued that the left half coconut is notably smaller than the right half coconut, leading to a possible subjective finding that the left half coconut is representative of 0.8 share of the whole coconut, and the right half is representative of 1.2 share of the whole coconut, as the whole coconut has a numeric assignment of 2. Since the left half coconut is used in the final problem, the answer could possibly be 13.8.


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