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Slate now admits that Obamacare doesn’t work

Welcome to the party, pal.

Twitchy- An excerpt:

[…] The bill for the health care expansion is coming due, just as the recipients will be heading to the ballot box to vote in the first primaries for the 2016 election. More than a few are likely to be annoyed.

Last week Oregon’s insurance commissioner, Laura Cali, announced that the state had approved a 25 percent premium increase for the largest health insurer on the state’s exchanges. The second largest insurer did even better: It received permission to boost its monthly charge to consumers by 33 percent.

Who could have predicted such a thing?


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  1. The first thing I thought when I read that this morning was, “Don’t get your hopes up; they’ll just use it as an excuse to start pushing for Single Payer socialist medicine.”

  2. What was that Jefferson used to say? “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

    Now will the morons at Slate and the rest of the MSM pound the “law” into oblivion with incessant coverage? I think not.

  3. The communist geniuses that sought Obolacare and nationalized healthcare think they’re smart-JoeBiden smart.

    To replace the physicians that are retiring or changing careers, they calculated that they can get as many as they desire from Cuba, an island known for its advanced healthcare.

  4. Looks like they aren’t so much saying that Obamacare is the cause of skyrocketing costs as they are saying that not even Obamacare can stop the increased cost of medical insurance. Not surprising if that is the case. Can anyone say single payer?

  5. Best line from the article IMHO:

    And that’s where the consumer comes in. Someone is “it,” the party paying the bill. And that “it” is increasingly you, whether you receive insurance on the exchanges or from an employer.


  6. This is the next step in the Natural Evolution® of 0bamaCare: Nationalized, 100% Managed Healthcare. This was their plan, all along. They knew that when 100% of our wages were consumed with healthcare costs, Americans would demand relief. However, the “free healthcare is a RIGHT” camel has its nose under the tent, so the alternative will be…. Universal Socialized Healthcare.

    Let’s play this game. Next time you’re really sick, go to your local DMV and have a seat until your name is called. When they do, just leave, but that will be what healthcare will be like in 5 years.

    “Quit spurting blood all over the counter and fill our these 19 forms, Mr. Smith! Otherwise, we can’t see you!”

  7. If you’ve ever seen a doctor’s office in Canada, it’s full of people determined to get all the FREE they can. Sniffles, hangnails, etc. A lot of them (surprise, surprise!) are layabout, do-nothing types who have nothing else to do all day. In the winter, there are even some in there for the free heat and light. Very depressing places. In the UK, doctor’s offices are even worse.

    The gummint [sic] is in charge! BOHICA*!

    *Be Over Here It Comes, Again

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