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Wisconsin Gas Station Welcomes Guns

gun pro ccw gas station

A  gas station and fuel supplier in Stanley, Wisconsin, is not shy about being a supporter of the Second Amendment, as shown by the sign on the door.  The pictures were taken on July 11th, 2015. – Gun Watch.

6 Comments on Wisconsin Gas Station Welcomes Guns

  1. “Whoa! Lookit that sign! We cain’t hit a lick on this place! They let people with guns come inside.”

    “Yeah, we need to find a place where WE the only gat-totin’ motherfu*kers!”

    “Hey… up yonder on the right. That place gotta a big ol’ ‘no-guns’ sign on it.”

    “Sh*t yeah. Easy-peezy. I bet we doan e’en need no ski masks.”

  2. “Well, officer, with the ski mask, sunglasses, long sleeves and gloves, I sure cannot be accused of profiling the guy I shot. He could’ve been Bosnian or Inuit for all I knew.”

    “But you didn’t have to field-dress him, sir.”

    “Sorry, officer. Force of habit. My Pappy raised me with the rule ‘you kill it, you clean it’.”

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