Socialism and Capitalism are very similar

The similarities are illustrated through bread.

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  1. Those people have to stand in a separate line for butter.

    And then, they don’t know which side of their bread gets buttered.

    And they vote Democrat.

  2. ” People line up waiting for bread ”

    This is the essence of socialism / communism.

    People must beg the gov’t to provide
    their sustenance.

    This why the USA democrat party wants to
    position itself in the same manner.

    You will free to beg the gov’t
    to provide for your existence.

  3. There’s a generation that needs to experience actual socialism. Let’s call them Millennials. None of this tech savvy drone mindset, group think, diversity, (based on protective classism), faux systemic racism, globalism and climate change crap to foster their self-righteousness platitudes.
    Instead, bare bones starvation, zero civil liberties, political correctness (or else, persecution), true classism and racism, financial collapse and an oppressive, totalitarian government.

  4. The NBA is on the side of foreign fascists. Who’d have ever thought things would come to this?

    Time to turn the tide on the cancer of the swamp.

  5. @ anonymous

    Boycott the NBA

    That’s the only way they will
    understand this.

    If you don’t boycott them,
    they will just ” follow the money ”


    Because only money matters.

  6. So you get in line and wait for hours for bread. Finally, the Bread NAZI approaches you and hands you the last loaf available…and it’s pumpernickel.

    That is socialism.

  7. Watching several women at a market fighting over the last slab of fetid meat like seagulls is a perfect demonstration of socialism.

    Heavy handed government can guarantee it’s people nothing but misery yet the uninformed masses clamor for it.

  8. …reminds me of this…

    ‘An old guy’s wife tells him to go to the butcher shop and get some meat. He goes to the butcher shop and stands in line for hours. Finally the butcher says, “We’re out of meat.” The old guy blows his top. He yells, “I am a worker! I am a proletarian! I am a veteran of the Great Patriotic War! I have fought for socialism all my life, and now you tell me you’re out of meat! What kind of a system is this?! You are fools! You are thieves! . . . ” A big man in a trench coat comes up to the old guy and says, “Comrade, Comrade, not so loud. In the old days you know what they would do if you said such things.” The big man in the trench coat makes a pistol motion with his hand. He says to the old guy, “Calm down and go home.” The old guy shrugs and leaves. He comes back empty-handed, and his wife says, “What’s the matter, are they out of meat?” “Worse than that,” says the old guy, “they’re out of bullets.”‘

  9. Capitalism: Right after pumping low cost gasoline into my shiny 8 passenger van with leather seats I can walk into the Phillips 66 gas station/Burger King restaurant and get a Triple Whammy cheeseburger, fries and a Coke Zero. And put it all on my credit card.

    Socialism: I can walk to the food dispensary and hope they have food today.


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