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“Some Stupid With a Flare Gun… “

Two dum-dums decide that firing off a stolen military flare would be a grand way to celebrate the 4th of July in 2009. That was until it started a huge fire at a packing plant costing an estimated $187.7 million in damages.

Cudahay Packing Fire

The insurers settled the claim for $208 million and now they are going after the U.S. government to recoup their losses for not better controlling their inventory.



10 Comments on “Some Stupid With a Flare Gun… “

  1. You don’t mention whether or not the flare gun worked.
    Should I just assume it did?

  2. No, of course it didn’t work. It was a complete dud. There WAS no fire. This whole thing is just an elaborate scam to defraud the government out of our valuable tax dollars. And the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by well-placed demolition charges, not by fuel-laden jetliners. Is there anything else you are curious about today?


  3. What difference, after all this time, does it make?

  4. Vietvet. You got it . The World Trade Center bombing was an inside job. And there was no celebrating in Jersey City, Patterson, Nj or Journal Square Nj, or Dear Born Michigan by arabs when the Trade Center went down. The footage I saw no longer exists, therefore I did not see it. Neither did Donald Trump. Just ask Geraldo and Stephonapoulis. They never saw it either.
    Back in Germany after the war was won and General Eisenhower saw the starving Jews and the death camps he ordered every swinging dick with a camera to photograph what we now call the Holocaust because, he said, some day in the future some bastards will say ” this never happened.”
    There were no Tail gate type parties on the roof tops of Jersey City, across the rive from the carnage. That never happened.
    If you think it did you’re a fucking islamophobe., a racist.

  5. … burned the mother to the ground.

    Smoke on the water…

    A fire in the sky…

  6. Follow up….on the Brady Bunch, the maid Alice dated a butcher….did she ever see his meat? or just took his word on that matter?…

  7. Well, I asked my friend, ‘Where is that black smoke coming from?
    He just coughed and changed the subject and said,
    ‘Oh well, I think it might snow some.

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