Son Loves His Daddy

Son bought his dad a truck after his dad’s truck broke down.

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  1. I’m such a racist bastard, I thought it would end up that the truck was stolen.
    Glad it wasn’t. Next we’ll be showing kid catching his first fish with dad.Gimmeafuckinbreak. Bullshit.

  2. I financed my son’s truck when he need a new one. We did not video the event. Stop this Bull shit on IOTW.

  3. did he throw in a pair of shoes?
    (yeah, I know … I’m a evil shit … but you thought it too, didn’t ya?)

    beautiful gesture by the son though

  4. Guess it’s a big deal when black guys treat their fathers well, when they find them. White guys have being doing that for centuries.
    As the other asshole Joe Biden said, Big fucking deal. I’ve sent much more important stuff to IOTW which never saw the light of day.

  5. I hope that kid is blessed many times over. Parents rarely ask. They give and never expect anything in return. This was absolutely the best.

  6. Why all the negative and stereotyped comments. Why not just accept it as what it was. A act of love between family members. We need more of this in this world.

  7. The majority of what I’ve read here had nothing to do with race. The real shame is making race the issue about everything. So Sad,,,
    Don’t call me out on it,,those that hinted at it, relinquished

  8. @sacevt. Because it’s being going on since the beginning of time. Families help each other. Except in America, back in 1965, President Lindon Johnson signed a bill, a civil rights bill, and said “I’ll have these niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” He was right.
    His bill destroyed the Negro family, put them all on welfare, put them on the democrat plantation. So now
    in 2019 when we hear a story that a black guy actually bought his father a truck it’s, as Joe Biden would say, a “big fucking deal.” It’s not. It’s normal among normal people. I’ve financed and helped my sons buy trucks, cars, abodes over the years. For you to make a big fucking deal about this,and video it, and play it here. is pure fucking bullshit.
    Claudia should stick with the critters.

  9. In 2020 the democrats will give us all free trucks.
    What’s that?
    Ohhhh, just black folk…and gheys

  10. Sure, there are probably negatives and stereotypes that can be gleened from a video of a black family living in a Democrat controlled, neglected neighborhood, but in this instance – the good outweighs the bad.
    Obviously, the father and son LOVE each other. They are close and the father is beyond greatful for the gift given by his son.
    With all the horrible news constantly reflective of the black family, we should celebrate rare, great moments like this video. All is not lost. There are black fathers and sons who have good relationships. Thanks, Claudia for such a sweet video.

  11. Ah, Claudia, you mean well. But it’s useless, unless the media give us a break . And they won’t. Like the Old Yellow Journalism, the media wants trouble to report on it. Check history

  12. Looking at that paint scheme he must have got a real good discount!
    It’s almost like it was waiting for him to come along.

  13. I’m somewhat in awe–but not necessarily in a good way–that anyone could watch video of a kiddo gifting his dad something fabulous, knowing all the negative shit going on in the black community, and still insist upon seeing it in the worst possible light.

    Personally, I don’t give a crap what color anybody is in videos like this. People doing kind things for each other is effing awesome and serves as good reminders for us to strive to be the same, whether in a material manner or not. Well played, Claudia.

  14. @LocoBlancoSaltine June 30, 2019 at 12:43 am

    “In 2020 the democrats will give us all free trucks.
    What’s that?”

    I thought, “Crap I just bought a new RAM last month” then I read:

    “Ohhhh, just black folk…and gheys”

    Well okay then, I’m disqualified anyway.


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