Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Found Dead in Detroit MGM Grand – IOTW Report

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Found Dead in Detroit MGM Grand

We’ve lost another of the defining vocalist of the grunge era, Chris Cornell, at age 52.
Cornell was the lead singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave. Police believe the death was a suicide.


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  1. Tinnitus, depression and substance abuse. It’s common in the profession.

    Stuart Adamson was probably the most tragic for my generation. You have to not write and not constantly repeat depressive lyrics with minor chords and no resolution or happy ending, wallowing in the sadness. It will kill you.

  2. How many pop stars have we buried since Marilyn Monroe? Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix…..

    It seems all glamorous. Apparently it isn’t.

    The man may have had mental issues, but there is a degree of selfishness involved. He left behind a wife and 3 kids who will be scarred for life.

  3. I get angry at people who do this..I don’t know if they can help it or not but I think many of us wallow in negativity but would never hurt our loved ones by just ending it all. They are always forgiven but the hurt they cause is never forgotten or healed. I just hope God has mercy because what we are taught makes it even worse.

  4. Layne Staley. Scott Weiland. Now Chris Cornell. My favorites are all leaving way too early. When you’re on active duty, away, there’s very few places to find comfort. Letters from loved ones and music were about it. Stripping and waxing the messdeck while in 10 foot seas sucked. At least I had Soundgarden pumping through the stereo to help keep my sanity. Damn. Gone in a blink of an eye. RIP man.

  5. As a young’un I always liked The Mothers, as a result of having my mind expanded by Zappa, through the years I found I like a lot of different styles of music….except; new country, which is just old pop and that was crap too. Also,rap/hiphop is just asinine.
    Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock are true American art forms and I cite Grunge as the last truly American original style. Every thing since is auto tuned pussy-ass tripe. Soundgarden was at the top of the Grunge genre.
    I’ve been playing Badmotorfinger since I got to work this evening. Such a loss.

  6. As someone who had a lot of friends who were in bands that were big in the Northwest music scene leading up to the 1990’s the entire grunge scene impressed me as one big morass wherein depression is wallowed in and celebrated.

    Not that that wallowing and celebrating depression was an unknown commodity among musicians before that time, but my God man that grunge stuff impressed me as a little more than hanging out with an entire cadre of nothing but Joe Btfsplk.

    I had friends and acquaintances who were in The Allies, The Heats, The Range Hoods, The Cowboys, No Cheese Please, The Srypes, The Blue Baboons and other bands that were popular on the Seattle music scene and had met most of the early grunge rockers and they were definitely a buzz kill.

  7. He did hang himself. He was one of my favorites, some way overplayed songs. But that voice and the stuff the mainstream ignored is nothing short of legendary.

    I was in college when grunge hit, depression was never my vibe from it, I did however survive the cure and other horrid 80’s emo crap. Sure some grunge was dark and it could even be likened to today’s SJW garbage. Songs about rape, mental misfits (gays), drugs, racism, etc. I agree that sounds depressing, but combined with the energy of teen angst, it motivated many kids at the time to challenge these topics. I have no idea if grunge helped create the environment we have today, but I loved it then and still bang it now. I’m a somewhat normal conservative, not that my vast taste of music would ever change that.

    Grunge is a part of me and Cornell’s death hits me hard not only because of that, but also because I’m about his age. So I was a prime demographic at the time. Saying his death was a shock to me this morning, is a huge understatement.

    RIP Chris!

  8. Back in the day, Mr. Illustr8r was an occasional “bouncer” for several grunge bands to help pay for art supplies. This was when Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and the like were only known to the locals. We still have his ripped and torn concert T from The Gits- good memories of days gone by. I hated to tell him about Chris Cornell this morning. 🙁

  9. @Bongopoofter: Can you imagine the art created if Frank had lived at least two more decades? Now that’s a loss.

    As for grunge, Soundgarden and some Nirvana headed my favorites. Eddie Vedder can go suck shit out of my asshole.

  10. @Illustr8r, wasn’t the lead singer of The Gits murdered? I thought I watched a Forensics Files about her murder (by an illegal, I believe).

    Loved Soundgarden, and was sorry to read this news this morning.

  11. Apparently his wife is upset over the suicide ruling and says that he wasn’t even depressed… who could say why he hung himself though? Could’ve been a mental break, demonic oppression, anything. I just hope that the police actually did their job/are doing the investigation right.

  12. Soundgarten was a real band before the grunge scene. Their members were decent musicians. RIP Chris Cornell.

    JD – – We know a lot of the same people. I used to sell instruments to most of those bands. And dancing to Denny and the Blue Baboons – – what a kick!

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