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Speaker Johnson Joins the Uniparty


House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) made history Thursday night just before midnight by essentially surrendering Republican majority control to Democrats.

For the first time in recorded history — since the House began keeping records — the House Rules Committee relied on minority party votes to overcome objections from the majority and advance a rule bill to the House floor. More

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  1. Tucker nailed it today.

    And he came at us under the sign of the cross. This is why I am automatically suspicious of bible thumpers. I’ve been burned to many times. Evil prays on week mother fuckers.

  2. I honestly believe they have some kind of brainwashing technique they apply to Republican politicians when they get into key positions or they have body doubles prepared in the background to swap into their places at the key times.
    Either that or they were globalists the whole time and played their “conservative” roles very well…

  3. Johnson has always been Uniparty scum and a Deep State plant all along. Yeah, I was very suspicious of Johnson from the get go. Knowing the congressional Republicans are majority RINO, there would be no reason to vote for a Constitutional conservative Christian as Speaker – too diametrically opposed.
    Gave him benefit of the doubt, for a while until he started making weird comments about an adopted son.
    Also, Kevin “Ken Doll” McCarthy was not that upset about Johnson replacing him, except for his narcissist rants about being betrayed.
    The House Republicans, RINOs have stategically lost the majority…for now. The November 2024 election might flip it back. However, with all the cheating through ballot harvesting by Democrats, and Trump possibly in jail soon, this country is in a world of hurt.

  4. Putin is not happy. He planned on them stopping this aid. It looks as America has a different idea.
    The writing was on the wall after his Mar-a-lago meeting, he said this was getting done.

  5. That photo of Johnson descending the stairs with Paul said it all.

    I wonder what Jesus Johnson’s tab at Grubbs Pharmacy looks like. That CIA front has probably created or saved more Uniparty members than any other kompromat operation in recent times. We live and die by of Big Pharma. (for some definitions of “we”)

  6. Sometimes, I admit to prejudging and jumping to conclusions.

    In Johnson’s case, I looked at the shape of his face and head and said,


    Thinking I was being a dick, I read what he wrote and listened to him talk. Reaction: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh…”

    Then I read of his support for Ukraine and the house funding bill, and I said,

    “Nope!!” again.

    So, I was right the first time. He’s dogmeat.

  7. On the plus side, these stupid things will probably never enter full production and be forced on our poor, suffering guinea pig troops.

    I swear, sometimes it seems that the Russians and/or Chinese have successfully infiltrated our MIC and are methodically pushing this useless crap down the procurement pipeline.

  8. Immortal Fish

    You are very little man aren’t you. Reminiscent of third grade play ground bull shit. Am I not allowed to express my opinions based off of my lifes experiences. I hope to God you’re not a father and raising kids. You’re a real key board warrior slick.

  9. “Joins”. WTF, he’s their current poster child. Let’s go back into time and consider how much hate I got a lot of hate for posting that the Republican establishment element within the progressive movement was even more loathsome and just as destructive as any Democrat. Well, let’s continue that discussion a decade later in light of what they are no longer hiding. I’ve read a lot about the masks being off of the out and proud left since 2020, well the Republican establishment is still operating from the shadows, but they too don’t give a flying fuck who knows that they are on the side of wickedness and evil. They are far closer ideologically to the furthest left Democrat than they are to any Constitutional conservative. And that is a stone cold natural fact Jack.


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