Kennedy Family Backs Biden – IOTW Report

Kennedy Family Backs Biden


President Joe Biden scooped up endorsements from at least 15 members of the Kennedy political family during a campaign stop Thursday as he aims to undermine Donald Trump and marginalize the candidacy of independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, niece of former President John F. Kennedy and sister of the current presidential candidate, delivered the endorsements in Philadelphia by calling Biden “my hero.” More

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  1. My hero!

    Your hero must be a retarded pedophile treasonous potato-head.

    Cocksucking un-American Constitution-hating Shitpants FUCKSTICK!



  2. Not only has the Biden administration refused RFK Jr. the SS protection he should have, but if Trump is convicted in this kangaroo court they are going to make a move to remove his SS protection. Hopefully Trump has his own security hired so it might not make a difference.

  3. We know Biden is the worst “president” in the history of the US.

    This is essentially whistling past the graveyard. To buoy up the rest of the retards. Retards are parrots. And every retard spreads retardation across the universe.

    Spores, maybe.

  4. Look at for instance on a small scale…

    One retard opened up an air/vacuum thermostat on an airhead VW Beetle and stated it was a wax-bead thermostat. Now, 999 out of 1000 retards say they are all wax t-stats. They ARE NOT. And now we can’t convince the world otherwise.

    The wax he “saw” was not wax. The ball was the valve stopper. It was a bi-metallic t-stat. With a fucking plastic ball.

    Just a small part of the retardation I have seen…

  5. This was made clear a long time ago. The Kennedy family is Democratic & support only one person. Bobby jr is the exceptional bad apple. Dueling banjos, oh come on man. That hillfolk MAGA types theme music.
    No copyright infringement gonna happen on this one.

  6. Oh, the Kennedys support Biden. Yeah, that will make it a landslide for Ol’ Joe. With that endorsement they ought to just cancel the election because everybody has been waiting to see who the Kennedys would ordain.

  7. Well, that does it – if the Kennedys are supporting the mummified meat puppet then I will too.

    The Kennedy mystique has not faded away one single bit – the magic carried Joe III to the senate in Massachusetts when he challenged Ed Markey. Oops – except the magic failed him even in the Kennedy mad Commonwealth of Massachusetts – home of the former lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy and none other than JFK.

    Speaking of Ted, have they forgotten that Ted challenged the incumbent, Jimmy Carter in 1980 (until now the worst president in our lifetime) in the primaries. Perhaps, if RFK Jr had been permitted to challenge dementia Joe in the primaries, he would not be running now. So much for the democratic process.

    What’s with the voice? If I hadn’t been looking at the tv when Chris Kennedy was speaking, I would have thought it was RFK Jr.


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