Speaking of Milestones

Here’s the very first image I ever did for a blog. This was when I contributed to ThePeoplesCube.com (Thus my Russian parody screen name that I have to this day.)

This is to memorialize The Swimmer and his infamous Chappaquiddick weekend.

14 Comments on Speaking of Milestones

  1. I would if supposed conservatives wouldn’t strip off my credit and post it as their own.
    That gets disheartening after awhile.
    And no one cares when I complain. In fact, they laugh and tell me to STFU.

    Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is one of them. They can SMD – military or not. They are a group of assholes.
    Blame them and others like them.

  2. BFH,
    “. . .strip off my credit. . .”

    What I mean is what site?
    And what Art?
    Blame them for what exactly?
    Don’t know who the Misguided Children are and don’t GAS enough to not bother looking it up.
    Why is this being said in my world?
    I’m confused.
    Reading the site nearly daily never revealed this.
    How did the thread go from Milestone to asshole in 2 posts?

    And still I wonder who saved the early artwork

  3. The aquarium is missing one important prop, a mannequin with bulging eyes upside down and staring lifelessly. Too tasteless?

  4. Heh heh heh… good thread, better post. Followed TPC ’till it got repetitive, still look in (unless it’s gone this last few months) but, you got swimming Ted memes and you got me. Credit where credit’s due, you screw with the leftists, you’re good with me. Fistfight out back, fine,, we come out still anti-left, we’re still buddies. I can stand taking a whooping from a woman I suppose, being married all these years…

  5. I always felt it was so appropriate that perhaps the most prominent Democrat in the late 20th Century was a murderer, a literal woman killer, who was a hero to the entire party.
    Or maybe Bill Clinton was a bit more prominent. And he was a serial sexual predator.
    It just is mind boggling.

  6. @ Saxindacity, can you imagine the blowback this insensitive ad would garner in today’s fragile, PC world?

    Imagine if a body armor company said Saint Trayvon would be alive today if he wore one of their vests…

  7. BFH – I have always appreciated your work, great humor and wit combined for the proverbial “stab through the heart”, comedy gold at its best.
    @ Under Tittles {or is it Under Titties – I’m not wearing my glasses}, how far back have you been reading daily – not meant as an insult or insinuation – there was a host/server issue and the original IOWNTHEWORLD REPORT site lost a lot of great work some years ago. You may have came in after the Infamous Purge.


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