What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Have in Common

If you think Dems are criminals and the Republicans (especially Paul Ryan) are weaklings, you have no idea how right you are.

Stolen equipment, ID theft, blackmail, people looking the other way…
In DC, the scandals have scandals.

Epoch Times:

[…]Today we sit down with Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter with a penchant for uncovering congressional scandals, and author of the book “Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats.”

We explore the scandals Luke has been exposing: that of Jackson Cosko, who gained notoriety by doxxing Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh hearings, the near-unbelievable Imran Awan scandal where 44 house democrats’ servers were deeply compromised (and how this was then covered up), and the parallels between these and the currently evolving case of Jeffrey Epstein.

10 Comments on What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Have in Common

  1. And we had to watch the sanctimonious Ryan with his chest puffed out deriding the president about his moral shortcomings.
    It’s no wonder the maggot retired from congress when he had this scandal dogging his ass.
    I hope this gets more exposure so the general public can see what pukes we have up there.

  2. Joe,
    And for that matter, where is Blabbermouth Schultz? Don’t see or hear much of her lately. Been kinda nice, come to think of it.

  3. I listened to interview last weekend. Luke Rosiak never got the credit he deserved for investigative journalism and keeping the story alive.
    He divulges one source in particular that shocked me.

    Oh if you need one more reason to despise Paul Ryan, this one’s a doozy.

  4. Good LORD – Is there ANYONE competent running our govt. in DC besides Trump? What a runaway train wreck our govt. has become.


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