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Speculation About a Hunter Biden Pardon

Daily Wire

Aides to President Joe Biden are reportedly concerned about the “psychological torment” that may come with his son, Hunter Biden, going to trial in the coming months on gun and tax charges.

POLITICO cited unnamed advisers who said members of the first family are fretting how the “weight” of Hunter Biden going to trial will affect President Biden in an already difficult time politically. More

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  1. They’ll whack Hunter the moment there’s even a hint that he’ll squeal on Pedo Joe. And they won’t do it to save Joe’s wrinkly old hide: if Joe goes down, a whole lot of other people are going down with him.

  2. Torment my ass, the only thoughts that torment the Pedo are the location if his ice cream.

    Assuming the fossil could be concerned his only concern would be for himself and his political power.

    The Pedo is incapable of love as he has always been a narcissistic sociopath. Look how he leverages the deaths in his family to gain personal power.

    That’s all you need to know…

  3. Is this the ploy now?
    Try to make one of the most corrupt politicians for the past 60 yrs look like a sympathetic character?
    If/when Joe pardons Hunter it will be during the last 5 minutes of his phony crooked regime.
    If Hunter gets pardoned before the election it will really tick off people. Get more support for Trump.
    Especially after the trials for non crimes.

  4. The question is not if but when. Will Joe wait until after the election to grant a blanket pardon to himself and all his family members or will he take the political hit and do the pardoning before the election.

    Imagine being in the DOJ today and realizing you’re about to get a new boss. What would you do before the power transfer to ingratiate yourself to your new president? You know the Trump administration is going to be ruthless about cleaning out your agency, what could you do before the purge to make yourself irreplaceable to the new Attorney General? That’s what makes team Biden nervous.

  5. Poor hunter, an upstanding citizen, an unrepentant drug addict, immoral whore monger, corrupt son to the worst President in History.

    Yeah, I feel sorry for your lack of morality, integrity, discretion, restraint and your sense of right and wrong. You son, are a scum bag, a spitting image of your Dad.

    Your displayed arrogance of being the son of Lyin’Joe will gain you a pardon.
    The corrupt, pervert community hangs together.

    History will reflect the immoral and corrupt Biden family and those who paid to play.
    The true History will be written.
    However, I anticipate in a generation or two the socialists/communists re-write History and delete all evidence and articles reflecting corruption, perversity, drug use, morality and the failure of Biden’s attempt to damage and destroy American families and culture.

  6. isn’t a conviction necessary for a pardon to be possible?
    that’s what excites their anxiety
    they’re probably scheming up a way to drop the case or grant immunity prior to trial

  7. ^^ that sort of sucks
    maybe someone could draw up an executive order granting universal immunity, but put Trump’s name on it, instead of hunter’s. Then approach biden and ask him for a signature. He doesn’t know what he signs.


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