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  1. Cute, ThirdTwin!

    I wonder how many slaps on the butt and high fives Mr. Potato Head, Corey Booker, is getting this morning in the Democrat locker room for his brilliant rulz-breaking?

  2. He’s more a Muppet, I think.
    Perfectly spheroid head practically bisected to make a mouth. Crazy googly eyes and over animated brows. Flailing Muppet hands.
    I see a Muppet

  3. LOL!
    oh and did you hear he is going to break the rules

    but what he said about the emails was already in the news

    what a pos

  4. Dadof4 — hahaah! Yeah, I only thought of that AFTER I went to the trouble. But, but, but! I wntd 2 xpln th chng. Dadgummit!

    I am changing it, though, because I’m getting tired of typing it.


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