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Squatters Take Over a Pub Owned by Gordon Ramsay

Fox News

A group of “professional squatters” have taken over a London pub owned by celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay and are brazenly threatening legal action against anyone who tries to kick them out, according to a report.

At least six freeloaders broke into Ramsay’s York and Albany hotel and gastropub, which is for sale for $16.1 million, boarded up the windows, locked the door with kitchen utensils and glued the locks. More

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  1. Yahoo: Your comment on “Gordon Ramsay’s pub taken over by brazen squatters who threaten legal action if evicted” violates the community guidelines and has been rejected

    Dr Tar Sat 13 Apr 2024 07:56:55 PM

    Owners should be allowed to murder squatters.

  2. Gordon and the property owner Mr. Love need to hire private security to prevent any food to be delivered. They also need to shut off the electric, water, and gas. After a few days of starvation, they’ll be glad to leave where they can be arrested for damages to the building which still can be levied even though the building is considered non-residential under British Law.

  3. Ramsey needs to SECRETLY HIRE a few retired SAS boys & officially rent it to them as a club house for 12 months for $1 and all the free pints they wish.

    They’ll clean it up VERY QUICKLY and Jam any electronics or phones on site.

  4. I’m thinking seal the bastards in from the outside so they can’t leave and no one can enter. No food delivery. Maybe some dark moonless night higher some buddy to go pump the building full of your favorite poisonous gas. Non flammable of course.

  5. Brad,

    If you burn R-22 refrigerant,the good stuff, [aka Freon-22] you create Mustard Gas.
    If you don’t burn it, it displaces oxygen and the CawkSukors Drown.


    There is a lot of TALENT at IOTW, ALLEGEDLY.


  6. Imagine, a couple new arrivals decide they like your house more than you do. You club them like baby seals and then shove a tube down their throats and give the a 20 second blast right to the lungs. Watch them foam at the mouth and break dance on the floor. When the authorities show up you could claim rabies. I think we’re on to something.

  7. I don’t know how I came up with NY on my previous post; it says London in the first sentence. Sheesh.

    Anyway…I looked up the York and Albany hotel on Google earth, and the place is HUGE! It’s going to take a lot of R-22 to fill it up. GoFundMe?


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