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Whose Fault Will It Be When California Slides into the Sea?


A new paper published in the journal Frontiers in Earth Science by researchers from University of California in Berkeley, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Rome, Italy, focused on a part of the fault in Parkfield, California.

The region produces earthquakes in a rough pattern of every 22 years, more or less. While earthquakes are incredibly difficult to predict, the pattern is invaluable for semiologists studying the fault line.

The last quake in Parkfield occurred in 2004—around 14 years late—meaning another should be imminent.  More

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  1. The geologists have been singing the same tune for decades.

    The biggest earthquake was when Mama Cass angrily stomped her feat on account of slow service at a Santa Monica McDonalds back in 1970.

  2. I dunno who’s fault it would be, but if it was the lower half it would be like the nation dropping a deuce into the ocean… and there’s no better feeling than taking a good, healthy shit!

  3. “California Officials warn that sliding into the Sea could cause Cancer.”

    No man, they’d be worried about the impact on Great White Shark population off the Farallons.

  4. “Lord we pray in the name of St. Andreas, release the Carrizo! Thy will be done.”

    The Carrizo section is locked. It doesn’t creep. It also sits just north of where the San Andreas and Garlock faults come together. One of the theories is this section is locked because the Garlock either relieves stress, or they are somehow tied together. Which leads the the “big rip” theory, where an event on the Carrizo section breaks everything loose and propagates into a massive earthquake event or multiple events along the length of the San Andreas, from LA all the way up thru SF…

  5. Kali Refugee in Texas

    LOL, I’m at the base of the foothills headed towards South Lake Tahoe. I’m going to change my screen name to Cali Toby. Snicker. Where was Reagan from again.

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