STD clinic advertisement uses ‘Feel the Burn’ logo

feel the burn?

RAP: Capitalists have been using Bernie Sanders’ candidacy to make extra cash, selling merchandise with the Vermont senator’s name, logo, and image. Everything from bongs, to action figures, and dating websites, and now an STD clinic is asking people to get tested if they “Feel the Burn.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation Wellness Centers launched, a sexual health resource for free STD testing, treatment, and information.

Using the colors and font of Sanders logo with his slogan “Feel the Bern,” FreeSTDCheck is trying to capitalize on the senator’s popularity to spread the message about sexual health.
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5 Comments on STD clinic advertisement uses ‘Feel the Burn’ logo

  1. If he wins somebody needs to start a personal lube business with novacain so you won’t “Feel the Bern” too bad as he bends you over.

  2. Being somewhat of a punster, I can really appreciate this wordplay, both for the STD clinic, and from JustAl’s “personal lubrication”.

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