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Steve Bannon: End The Fed

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon advocated for the elimination of the Federal Reserve in a speech to conservatives Friday night.

Instead, he asked that the bank be returned to the American people and criticized its excessive money printing.

“We shouldn’t audit the Fed,” stated, “We should end the Fed.” “The Federal Reserve has usurped its and the American people’s power.”

He called for war at the CPAC in Dallas, Texas. On Saturday, former President Trump will headline.

Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee was fraught about Biden’s ridiculous electoral triumph and reiterated that the vote was stolen.

Bannon said it’s war. “We’re at war,” he exclaimed, “politically and ideologically.”

Bannon will be sentenced in October after being found guilty of two charges of contempt of Congress for not cooperating with the January 6 House probe. Again, this is a two-tier system. Eric Holder did not cooperate with congress during the Fast and Furious scandal. He was held in contempt. He didn’t get a slap on his dirty wrist.

In one of Bannon’s sharpest Friday speeches, he attacked the central bank.

Since the epidemic began, the Fed has created trillions to keep the economy afloat.

He responded, “It’s their biggest deception.”

“The dollar is our biggest export, but it all falls on our kids’ shoulders,” he remarked.

Bannon said that everything’s been cranked up. The Federal Reserve will print money. They’re talking about trillion-dollar notes.

Bannon praised conservative Kari Lake, who won Arizona’s GOP primary last week.

He urged conservatives to mobilize before November’s midterms.

Sen. Ted Cruz labeled the Biden administration ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ for not standing up to China when a former state media editor called for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane to be shot down when she visited Taiwan.

He suggested the White House is making the world unsafe.

To back up his claim, he said that Pelosi’s visit, the first by a House speaker in more than 20 years, has heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing, which conducted live-fire exercises surrounding the island.

Cruz said that the White House press secretary was asked what the White House thinks about the possibility that China would shoot down Pelosi’s plane. 

“I kid you not, Jeanne-Pierre’s response was, ‘We have no view on it,” said an amazed Cruz.

“I don’t like Pelosi, but what the heck is wrong with you?” Cruz exclaimed.

Everything is wrong with them. Everything.

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  1. Your regular reminder that the 1913 dollar was worth MORE than the dollar in 1800. About 20% more, although there was a lot of variation in the years between.
    And then the Fed was created. And printers have been running full-time ever since.


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