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  1. Curious: Are the very rich that attend the extremely costly Hillary ‘fund raisers’ the same very rich she is going to make ‘pay their fair share?

    Oh, I get it, she didn’t say pay their fair share to America. She meant to her own accounts.

    I suspect that the ‘fund raisers’ are strictly a venue to collect bids in Hillary’s America Auction.

  2. Curious: Are the very rich attending Hillary’s very expensive ‘fundraisers’, the same ones she will make pay ‘their fair share’?

    Oh, I get it, she didn’t say WHERE those payments would go. Herself, or one of tge Clinton family laundering entities.

    I still suspect the ‘fund raisers’ are venues for collecting bids for the Hillary Auctioning of America.

  3. Gads. Sorry for the two comments When I checked back and the first one wasn’t there i rewrite it. So sorry. My IOWTREPORT site has been giving me fits, so I thought it was doing so again.

  4. Thank you for the ‘no problems’. I hate to be a pest. My IOTWREPORT site has almost constant ad blocks, and now I’m getting a ‘phishing’ warning. Makes it difficult to read my favorite site. Thanks for your kindness.

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