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Stop the Presses: Ted Cruz is a Rorschach Fan

Apparently there’s a storm brewing in a tea pot over Senator Ted Cruz’s (TX-R) selection of Rorschach from The Watchmen to be among his top five favorite comic book characters.


There are those that think the Senator is a bit of a psycho himself  and some think he’s trying too hard to be hip with this choice.  Others are rushing to the Senator’s defense.

More (warning: Spoilers)

Personally, I’m partial towards  The Comedian .

25 Comments on Stop the Presses: Ted Cruz is a Rorschach Fan

  1. I stopped looking at comic books when I discovered READING!
    However, back in the day, I was always rooting for The Beagle Boys to get Scrooge McDuck’s money.

    However as it pertains to this story, I think Cruz is trying waaay to hard to be cool.

  2. No matter what Cruz says the left will jump on is like flys on a dung pile.

    Yet when obono was in Kenya and “joked” “They think I’m here looking for my birth certificate.”

    Nobody in the media asked, who are “they”? “They” is a a buzz word for dumb white mudderfluckers.

  3. Cruz needs to do more butt kicking in the Senate and less trivial stuff like Simpson impersonations or ranking comic book characters.

    The younger generation of voters are looking for someone to rescue their future, not a buddy they can shoot the shit with about pop culture (which they think they wanted 7 years ago and ended up with Obama, the Destroyer of Opportunity).

  4. You don’t understand. I’m not locked in here with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is locked in here with me!

  5. Watchmen sucked… comes from the group of libstain writers who won’t/can’t see past Nixon to what’s happening in the dem party today, the people Big Fur called “Woodstuck.” That movie was boring and the “heroes” were mostly moral degenerates…. but Rorschach was about the only highlight of the movie… Ted however is awesome as usual!

  6. You should get acquainted with Calvin and Hobbes. I’ve never even been a big Peanuts fan, but C&H is great. Nothing like The Far Side either.

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