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Walker’s Solution to Everything: Decentralize

Asked a series of questions on how he would fix Washington, D.C., Governor Scott Walker (WI-R) gave a one-size fits all answer:  Send the money back to the states and local government.


This would starve the beast and let state and local governments decide for themselves how best to spend the money.


But I’m not sure giving places like Detroit and Baltimore, not to mention the 13 blue states, more money is a recipe for success.

Will the political class concentrated in D.C. actually surrender their position of “uber alles?”



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  1. Sending “money back to the states and local government (sic)” costs a lot of money for bureaucracy and other bull shit in DC. Why not simplify the tax code, abolish useless departments (there are many), cut costs, abolish baseline budgeting and leave the money in the citizens’ pockets so those that earn can stimulate the economy, if they wish? It is not rocket surgery.

  2. I’ve been saying this since my junior high school days. Sending money to Washington to be doled put to states and municipalities is stupid and a waste of time. The bureaucracy required to do it eats away at money that could otherwise be put to good use.

    Yes, eliminate unnecesary agencies. My first pick would be the IRS.

  3. ” Send the money back to the states and local government.”

    Nope, nope, NOPE!

    Don’t send it back, far too much gets lost in the handling. Don’t steal the fruits of labor and initiative in the FIRST PLACE!

    Gonna’ let y’all in on a secret. Washington has too much money. And because they do they get up to all sorts of unsavory shit.

    Fire bomb K Street, reduce what they take from the states seventy percent, and then see who runs for office.

    That would be telling.

  4. Too much goobermint at all levels these days.

    It is at best a rotten tooth or a hemorrhoid but typically is a cancer.

  5. Yeah. Don’t steal it in the first place. The whole concept is socialistic, central control – play along, or we cut off your milk teat.

    It’s wrong. It’s anti-American and it’s un-Constitutional.

    The fact that they’ve gotten away with it since the Civil War is a testament to how far we’ve fallen from Liberty.

  6. “abolish useless departments (there are many)…”
    Not only that, but some of them are even working at cross purposes with each other.

    The only thing the feds should be doing is national security.
    And sure, some states and cities will mismanage their funds, but so what? At least the local folk could recall the incompetents or vote them out.

    That fish allegory is good.

  7. I wish Walker would have said half the comments that I read here. I am almost afraid that his overall experience being from Wisconsin is almost too limiting for him. Trump, Cruz and Fiorina would have answered much better…..

  8. When I read the title and the lead-in, my first thought was, “Don’t send it back; don’t let it GO in the first place!” And I see that everyone else has exactly the same thought!

    You can’t abolish the IRS. Only congress can do that. However, you can fire everybody in the IRS and just leave the commissioner because the president controls what money is spent and where. Once congress sees that ZERO funds are coming in via the class warfare based socialist income tax, they’ll repeal the 16th amendment and pass the FairTax fast. Mostly because THEY won’t be getting paid. And with zero funds going to the states, they’ll jump on the Repeal-the-16th bandwagon and make sure it moves at Warp 9.

    All it takes is an American. Not some democrat or socialist-enabling RINO spineless jellyfish.

  9. I wouldn’t accept nor run for Fed office until those positions are made voluntary (no salary), all the pols have to live in gov’t housing, eat at a gov’t cafeteria, and get around town in gov’t run buses. They wanna represent rich people?, then they can be a salesperson.

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