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Strap Yourselves In – It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Night

Okay, here’s the deal.

Our previous server? Something happened. Something bad. Your guess is as good as mine. They wouldn’t answer tech support, emails, phones or smoke signals. Their own site was offline. The guy might’ve just went postal or something. Sat there shooting the servers with a revolver, like a modern Elvis.

Yesterday I had a decision to make.

I made the right call, an Obama-like gutsy call (pffft), to call a new server and say, “I’m going to put together a new site that looks like the old site in 8 hours, will you have the space ready for me?”

They said it couldn’t be done!!!!  (lol)

Well, we did it, we only missed a few hours. BUT! (and this is a big but, Michelle Obama-like big but) as you saw we didn’t have the old archives.

Today I received a call from somebody saying they knew a way we could retrieve our old database, but they needed one key element that was missing. I spent the day reading one year’s worth of emails and found what we were looking for!

We got it.

So, here’s the deal. In order to backfill our database with the stuff from iOTWreport it might knock out all the posts from yesterday and today. But, I think it’s a no-brainer. Possibly sacrifice less than 48 hours of posts to retrieve years of data?

So, we’re doing it.

It’s a lengthy (and, unfortunately, costly) process. You can already see, if you scroll down to the page navigation, we have April 2014 already uploaded. Each post says zero comments, but the comments are there if you click the comments open.

God                                            speed.

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  1. Well fuck me running Biggy!

    Do it! Erase all of that shit! Overwrite the hell out of it!
    The past two days these assholes haven’t thumbed me up a single fucking time!
    I said some funny shit!

    PS, I am going to nominate you for the Trey Gowdy commission on finding lost treasonous shit!

  2. Good Luck, as best as I can say.
    What happened to backups? I don’t want to sound like a dick – But any site these days should have at the very least nightly backups so only 24 hours — at most — is hosed, no matter what happens. I run sites with hourly backups that aren’t even modified but once a week because heaven forbid an “entire week” worth of work would get lost.

  3. Ok fur, your call, give me an I.P. I’ll track the piece of shit down and hurt him. Just for being a pussy.

  4. I know exactly what happened.
    The server transgendered into a client.
    It was tired of the master/slave communications.
    It was born a hard drive but desired a floppy.

    Loco-IT-Blanco bitches!
    You’re welcome…

  5. Will have to hit the donation button later and hope other do the same. No ITOWR $ though.

    Got out of the hospital today after 4 days and emergency surgery Monday so I claim no responsibility for any screw ups. Have spent the time living in morphine and dilaudid land. The drugs were wonderful

    It’s good to be home and IOTWR was greatly missed

  6. Forget donating. Send me dilaudid.
    That’s my drug of choice.
    One day I will reupload a video of me in the hospital walking the halls with a nurse and I’m a little goofed up on dilaudid.

  7. Sorry mainlined all the dilaudid and needed it because this involved some unruly intestines. Ain’t that stuff grand? Got my last needle full after the Cavaliers loss last night.
    Perhaps I can auction the massive bottle of Percocet they gave me to bring home for the IOTWR cause.

  8. Ya know dude you got nothing to worry about. I’m pushing 60. Eat the wrong foods. Drink to much. Be a man, for once in your pitiful life. This could be your opportunity for redemption. Come at me bitch. Oops, I hope your mom didn’t read that while peaking over your shoulder in the basement. Ahh, I’m wasting my time. You’re a popcorn fart.

  9. Eugenia I hope you feel better. Let it be known that I once visited BFH in hospital. He was quite happy in bed with his lap top and wearing a Met hat. He’s a cool dude.

  10. Tom didn’t you smuggle in a bottle of “Feckin’ Irish Whiskey? And THAT”S what got Fur up and walking off his gallbladder?

  11. Yep. Moe came to see me.
    He thought my urinal was apple juice, but that’s a whole other story.

    I’ll never forget that Moe. That was kind of you to do that!

  12. Tommy, was his butt hanging out of those stupid gowns they make you wear? If you have pics we could pixilate them and post them.

  13. Doc I could never find that stuff “Feckin Irish whiskey” BTW have you changed your email address? The feckin’ post master has been returning messages from me to you?

  14. Ah the good old days. When a Scotch and Soda looked like urine.
    Now it looks like plain soda, and costs eight fucking dollars That’s why I drink at home. Keep the faith BFH.

  15. I am fixin to make my first paypal donation here if that button works. Just happen to have 15 bucks left on a debit type card I bought so I could order some R12 freon on eBay, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it.
    Maybe you can find some cheap drugs …

    @Eugenia, I hope you heal up real soon and completely recover.

  16. Seriously, I think this server issue is just a happenstance glimpse of what the future portends.

    Some serious shit is coming.
    It truly is.
    I hope everyone here is prepared.
    Hellfire is about to rain down.
    I am not being apocalyptic by Ouija board.
    It is going to happen.
    The shit is coming, the bill is overdue.

  17. BFH: I don’t see your address on the site. Could you post your address so I can send you some $$$$ to help with the cost of all of this? Thanks……GF

  18. Thanks for the well wishes. I am doing well and had a great team of Doc’s, nurses, drug cabinet keepers, etc.
    One good thing about this facility was they have gowns that actually cover pieces/parts down to the knees and patient scrub pants. No hanging moons in this place.

  19. Send me the address of the Canadian progressive “keeper of the server” who has dared to throw water upon the bright shining flame of freedom…I will have my vengeance…in this life…or the next.

    Burn it…burn the accursed 36 hours of “thumb-upplessness” and we we feast upon the morn of this new day.

  20. @loco…some people invest in real estate, some in the markets/bonds…others like myself invest in ammo and booze…if the world doesn’t go sideways, hey…I can likely find a use for both.

  21. If this tech problem happens again, I think Hillary Clinton has a server she’s not using anymore – perhaps you can use hers.
    I can’t wait to see the video of you on dilaudid

  22. Golly G.-
    This time I amazed myself.
    I was handed a weirdo template at 2pm and I had to replicate iOTWreport in style and feel in a few hours.
    Do posts and not miss a beat.

    There are a few things that need to be done (like getting the menu to hang under the banner with no space (drives me nuts).
    But for the most part it’s a pretty good replica.

  23. You’re the hero this week. It was a toss-up between you and that Trump speech calling out all that is wrong, but you have won the “Like” button!

  24. Please give us a hint of how you got the archive. I assume it’s a big secret. But I can’t figure out. Is it a google cashe somewhere.

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