Street Justice in Manhattan

Stealing from a construction gang is not smart. No, they didn’t beat him up. They just secured him to scaffolding until the cops could arrive.

This is bizarre.

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. Before it’s all over the race hustlers will claim that the mexican dude that was tying is white, the black guy holding him was invisible, and that the symbolism if tying him up reeks of slavery, and SOMEBODY HAS TO GO TO JAIL FOR THIS and the black thief must be compensated for the mental anguish.

  2. He’s lucky this wasn’t 25 yrs ago or more. The “Good Guys” would of had him in the East River in cement.

  3. @Whitey White October 9, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    It’s too bad your name disqualifies you from the DNC. There’s an election coming up!
    Would you consider changing it? Oooh! And use lots of Xs! That aren’t pronounced.

  4. They couldda used a little tape over his mouf too. And just think if they’d turned Passion Shenay and LaGlennda loose on him…

    forcibly deranged

  5. The construction crew should have taken the thief up a few floors and then tied him to a scaffold that hangs out over the street. Betcha he wouldn’t be so anxious to get loose then.

  6. Lil punk got off easy.
    Some humiliation and discomfort until the cops arrive is WAY better than having a bunch of hefty construction workers beat the shit out of you.

  7. To bad they did not have rebar tie wire, the punk would have been crying after I pulled it tight.
    Should have hosed him down with some Honey Bucket juice.


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