Poverty “Simulation” Held In Milwaukee

Entities within Marquette University held a two day conference on the trauma of poverty recently in Milwaukee. Attendees were invited to participate in a simulation titled “just neighbors” that attempted to give recreate the traumatic experience of being poor.

 “Just Neighbors,” explores what poverty feels like: urgent, frustrating, desperate and at times, hopeless.

There were more than a dozen volunteers — all SDC employees and service providers — posing as the “service providers” in the scenario: a banker, drug and food provider, mortgage/rent collector, pawnbroker, payday loan providers, utility collector, three social service employees, educator, general employer, pediatrician, police officer and child care provider.  

Each participant was given a sheet with their number of children, assets, money and family circumstances, such as parents with pregnant teenage children or prior felonies on their record.

At times, it was confusing and some participants complained that they didn’t understand the rules.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 27.4% of Milwaukee’s residence live in poverty.

15 Comments on Poverty “Simulation” Held In Milwaukee

  1. A situation where the only tool they have is a hammer (in this case “trauma”) so they try pounding every repair job with the same blunt instrument.

  2. “At times, it was confusing and some participants complained that they didn’t understand the rules.”

    Perhaps they were also simulating stupidity? No? Well, at least stupidly, then.

  3. Thanks, WDS.

    It never ceases to astound me the total un-self-awareness of Leftists.
    I mean, here we are with a literal “pretend to be like them for 5 minutes…so you can boast about it to your friends over pinot grigio time!” vehicle/mechanism!
    (Virtue Signal OVERLOAD ALERT)

    Normally, Leftists have to go to the trouble of inventing this sort of “I empathize so much, I don’t need to do anything else” pretzel logic in their heads…here, they take even that effort away!


    OTOH, it sort of puts a creative – if twisted – spin to the famous line,
    “I was born a poor, black child.”

  4. ‘Entities within Marquette University’
    = Entitled, not ‘Entities’ orifices,
    recreate the traumatic experience of being poor.
    You mean Democrats?
    Who the hell else wonders about it?

  5. I remember reading about some school simulation design to teach about the problems of older people, and it involved wearing glasses that distorted vision a bit, and earplugs that muffled sound, and I don’t know what else.

    Maybe a proper simulation of living in the inner cities should include “service providers” that were highland Scottish (to simulate what it’s like to deal with a society where you haven’t been taught the common language), assignment to take three robo-babies to all meetings to simulate life without a marriage partner, and medication to dull the wits to simulate a crappy educational background.

  6. Poverty. That was college when I had to determine spending my meager funds on beer specials or top ramen. Have to say those where some good times.


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