Student Banned From Class On Christianity For Challenging Pro-Transgender Arguments

DC: An Indiana University Pennsylvania professor barred one of her students from a class on Christianity for refusing to apologize for challenging transgender and feminist arguments.

Lake Ingle, an Indiana University senior, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he appeared before the university’s Academic Integrity Board (AIB) on March 9 to dispute Dr. Alison Downie’s attempt to have him permanently removed from a class called “Special Topics In Christianity: Self, Sin, And Salvation.”

Downie sanctioned Ingle and tried to have him barred from the class for challenging the premise of a Feb. 28 class discussion based on a Ted Talk by Paula Stone Williams, who is a transgender woman. Ingle told TheDCNF that he objected to the discussion because Downie allegedly prompted the class to talk about “the reality of white male privilege,” systemic male sexism, and concepts like “mansplaining” based on Williams’ talk.  read more

12 Comments on Student Banned From Class On Christianity For Challenging Pro-Transgender Arguments

  1. Hey buckaroo, this is college. If you want to hear opposing views and ideas debated then, then, then I don’t know where you should go but you can’t stay here. People are going into big debt to be indoctrinated and it’s just not fair to the kids.

  2. Hmmmm. Banned from a class you paid for. It’s about time these refugees from reality were sued into oblivion. They need to wake up to the fact that they are merely vendors of knowledge (that can be learned from books for far less money), just as an employee at a fast food restaurant is a vendor of french fries.

  3. The craziest thing about all the academics getting on the Socialist bandwagon.
    If you learn anything about the history of revolution, the first ones lined up at the wall are academics, yeah, yeah, “This time we will do it different.”.

  4. They cannot stand to hear the TRUTH because it points out their sin and condemnation.

    God will harshly judge these people who promote, defend, and wallow in sexual perversion.

    Men cannot become women and vice versa. Chromosomes do not lie. If you are XY you are male, and if you are XX you are female. No amount of mutilation surgery, hormones, make up or clothes will ever change that fact. You are literally insane to dispute this reality.

  5. Why ANYONE would waste their money on today’s liberal, bias ‘college of higher degree’ is well beyond me.
    I think the education here is to stay away from liberal colleges.

  6. It just happened to be in my daily bible reading today:

    Deuteronomy 22:5 Contemporary English Version (CEV)
    Don’t Pretend To Be the Opposite Sex
    Moses said to Israel:

    5 Women must not pretend to be men, and men must not pretend to be women.[a] The Lord your God is disgusted with people who do that.

  7. My 16 year old nephew is experiencing something similar with regards to Islam and Syria when it’s discussed in the classroom.

    Academia doesn’t like to lose an argument on any topic they deem to be politically correct speak.

    Fuck Islam. And normalizing anything other then male and female is mental illness both on the part of the entity attempting to normalize it, and the person or group that accepts it.

    Translation: They’re all fucked in the head.


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