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  1. Shes an old, sick, vindictive, whore. She is irrelevant now. She will never be President, and for the moment we can all smile about that. Until something horrific happens to her thats all we got.

  2. She’s not the only American Nazi that feels this way. Mix in a little La Raza and there you have it. They all hate white people.

  3. LOL HILLARY!!!!…..So, how are you gonna feed those dynamic, academic coastal constituents?….Feed them bitcoins and internet code?…..LOLOLOL…what a lollypop……

  4. Freeze the video at 00:24 and study the people. They do not look like the type average, fun-loving, down-home Americans would want to spend their free time with. Just my opinion.

  5. She’s a total fucking piece of shit. Just like Obama, she hates the US and most of the people in it. Fuck her. Fuck the democrats. Fuck her RINO buddies. They can all go straight to Hell.

  6. Imagine her in a rubber room with no windows, she’d be saying the same things over and over. That sends a tingle up my leg.

  7. Tonight — just for tonight — I am only going to allow “her” to make me gently, quietly mad — not raging. …..Lady in Red

  8. Hillary needs to de-focus. The election is over and you lost! It’s time for you to get over it and move on. Your perpetual excuses are making thousands of us sick. You just didn’t have what it takes. How is it that Obama whooped you? Who voted for him? What did he have that you didn’t. Charisma perhaps? Salesmanship? Trust? No baggage? No passive aggression? An Honorable second place would have been great, but you’ve moxed that up now with just a whinny mouth second place. Zip it.

  9. I’m Deplorable. And she’s a Horse’s Ass.

    How about that election night:
    designer outfit picked out, hair & makeup perfect, special venue packed with beautiful people and “diversity” in front row, balloons/band, champagne to be popped, and a humbled-to-be-your-first-female-president-speech loaded up on the prompter. (And fireworks show!)

    And then Trump. Thank you God!

  10. Did she win the people that “feed America” through farm and agriculture? Did she win the people that believe in the US Constitution? You know, all those families that visit Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., Wall Street, our national parks, and Los Angeles as tourists, the earning class.

  11. Isn’t this the speech she gave in India? Why would they care to listen to this harpy, much less why she lost?

    @Bayouwulf, I almost fell off my chair when I saw her ‘dancing’! I love that song, but when she showed up dancing at the debate, I sat up and said, “Huh?”. And then, Mr. Bean (I love him). Masterful video. Wonder if it was CGI.

  12. wow she’s so awful. This shows how terrible she would have been as prez. She really hates half of the country. All we’ve heard since election day is excuses. She hasn’t learned anything from her loss. You don’t hear “I messed up, I should have done this and this, etc.”

  13. It’s a beautiful thing to hear a real conservative women’s view on Hillary and her insanity. You guys are polite and thoughtful…..go ahead and call her the loser bitch that she is….use expletives…..

  14. Anyone who supports this woman or regards her as an example for Women to follow is my mortal enemy. Mother F&$%er.

  15. Will someone just push this cunt down a flight of stairs already?

    She is a murderer and a rape enabler. She lies to veterans’ families over their coffins. She exploits victims of natural disasters by stealing their aid. She sold out our national security to our enemies. She wrote love letters to a Satan worshipper. She would have destroyed this country.

    Dying of natural causes is too good for her. Sessions should have dropped her ass into Leavenworth already. If you don’t kill her, she will plan to have others kill you. She is not a woman but a cankled embodiment of pure evil.

  16. @ J B Books: Those are the kind of people that the left imagines will start and win the second US Civil War.

  17. And the word for today, NACHO.
    Hillary is nacho, nor will she be, your president.
    The Deplorables

  18. I’ve seen women her age die nasty lingering, painful deaths from disease. If there were one that just afflicted her mouth, I could explain that to God, he would understand the venality of my sin. Tripping into a wood chipper is nice too. Falling again and splitting her big fat empty melon is ideal. Please forgive my violent thoughts dear Lord.

  19. She is truly emblematic of the sick state of American politics and its sick statism. She’s the quintessential, show-stopping, evil headliner who ALMOST because the conductor of the biggest, all-singing, all-dancing, all-corrupt, all-stealing, all-killing, all-in-one, fascist, jack-booted government troupe on the largest stage in the history of the Earth.

  20. Why at this point hasn’t this delusional wretch been institutionalized?
    She needs the wet sheets stretched tightly over her and the charged paddles pressed to her temples.

  21. I’ve got an institution for her: Prison.
    I look back and I see multiple felonies done by her that deserve incarceration (actually, Capital Punishment). Including the death of an American Ambassador

    Her husband, BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST, and she smugly defended and lied for him to preserve her own political career.

    I’m bitter, but only because the traitorous jerkoffs in our government fail to do their duty and bring her to Justice. And I pay their salaries and benefits!

    She needs a gag stuffed in her mouth, preferably a dirty diaper, so we don’t have to hear another arrogant, self-serving, whine/rant out of her.

  22. Why don’t you run again?

    Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!🤪🤪🤪

    Remember the SNL bit where Dan Akroyd played Richard Nixon, and he was talking to oil paintings of former presidents like a deranged mental patient? That’s her!!!

    Trump was so right about her. She has tremendous hate in her heart.


    ‘I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr. Sessions’
    – Norma Clinton

    Boehnerdict is on FIRE this morning!!

  23. That’s why I quit drinking at 27 … and 33 … and 37 … and 40 … and … well, you get the idea … cuz it rots the brain … eventually.

    Give her another 1/2 gal. of Vodka and let her ramble on.

    Looks like there’s money in losing, too.

    Politics! Ya gotta love it! Money to steal coming and going!
    “Heads I win; Tails you lose.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  24. This woman, who couldn’t leave her philandering, raping husband even when he took advantage of an intern –in the office, believes my faithful hardworking husband pressured me into voting for Trump?!

  25. OMGosh! Hillary not wearing a pantsuit! Showing her cankles! For the life of me can’t figure out what it is. The designer must be horrified.

  26. That bitch loser the men’s in my family didn’t force the women’s to vote for trump. We was glad to vote for trump and don’t regret it. This criminal bitch will get a punishment soon. I hope that a Russia person in in India that way he can just brush her with the umbrella 🌂🌂🌂🌂 http://ib.adnxs.com/seg?add=1&redir=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitchy.com%2Fsamj-3930%2F2018%2F03%2F13%2Fdouble-tap-brit-hume-and-martha-maccallum-sum-up-hillarys-hate-for-trump-voters-in-2-tweets%2F

  27. This is far worse than her deplorable speech, because she is trashing Americans in a foreign country. I was filled with rage at her insults to conservative women, who think for themselves, unlike her brain-dead supporters. I’m hoping for a steeper set of stairs for her next time. Vile, evil, old cow.


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