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Study Says People Feel 2017 Was Most Miserable Year in Decade

CNN is running with a story on Gallup’s Global Emotions Report that claims to monitor how people around the world are feeling. Their conclusion is,  people in 145 nations haven’t felt this bad in 10 years, which happens to coincide with Obama assuming the oval office for the first time.

“Collectively, the world is more stressed, worried, sad and in pain today than we’ve ever seen it,” Mohamed S. Younis, Gallup’s managing editor, wrote in the report.


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  1. I’m sure the Chinese, the global warmist, believers in the EU, Canadians who believe in Trudeau, those that backed TTP, Palestinians, Pakistanis, members of ISIS and of course all democrats in this country have all been having a terrible time of it lately. Good.

  2. “…which happens to coincide with Obama assuming the oval office for the first time.”

    Hmmmm….. I think that was the year we finally dumped Obama and my boy Trump took over. ….Lady in Red

    Obama took office in 2007, about 11 years ago was the point. All the world celebrated and were gleeful at the bowing, scraping, narcissistic, American bashing president ready to advance all other nations at the cost of his own. – Dr. Tar

  3. O.k., sub-Sahara Africa is a pretty miserable place, but it ain’t getting any better soon. Most of the people in Latin America seem o.k., although Venezuela was conspicuously absent from the list of Latin American nations feelin’ fine.

    But for most of the rest of us, we have modern problems to which we attribute misery. Donald Trump is a monster who…made the economy better? Demonstrated love for America? Wants to make the US safer by securing borders? Decreased unemployment, including unemployment for minorities? Help me out here.

    Can biological men use a woman’s bathroom? Should Ann Coulter give a speech liberals won’t attend anyway? Just how many genders are there, and which one am I? Should I be offended by an advertisement for a product I don’t care about? Should I be upset about a movie I don’t want to spend money to see? What’s a micro-aggression and why should I care? If I’m poor, then why do I have a roof over my head, too much food to eat, a smart phone, a television, a computer and probably a car? Is worrying about obesity worse than not even thinking about starvation?

    Yes, there are problems in the world. There are always problems in the world. But generally, we are healthier, safer, more prosperous, better educated and with more world peace than just about anytime in history. And maybe that’s the problem; maybe we are worried Democrats will take over the government and fuck up everything (again).

  4. They are absolutely correct, if you were watching CNN, it. was the worst year in the history of the world.

    If not, President Trump is helping reform the outhouse that is DC.

  5. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria probably contributed.
    Didn’t California have floods then fires? And get overrun by illegal immigrants and Democrats?
    Those all explain a lot of misery.

  6. Words out across the world that its too late for those millions who planned to jump the US border and get on the government sugar tit.

  7. How could 2017 have been a bad year, I lost my job in July and immediately moved in with my mom and dad in their last year to take care of them for 4 and a half months and got a better job doing the same thing I was doing before for a better company and more money. It was a hard yr. but well worth it and I’d do it again, I almost went broke my mortgage company worked things out for me to forgo a couple of house payments which was a blessing and with Social Security kicking in and my job I now have more money than I’ve had in a long time. I have no complaints and found out just how faithful God is when I hit rock bottom, it was a very providential year.

  8. I was most unhappy that Hillary, Lerner, Holder, obama, and many others aren’t yet facing charges.

    I’m hopeful that Trump will get that done too, given time.
    It’s a shame he can’t get ANY help from the people who’ve sworn an Oath to do just that job

  9. 2017 for me was great! Trump is our President, and 8 years of my misery with Obama is gone. 2017 spelled a new beginning for this country. The “study” is full of shit!

  10. …Maybe CNN needs to get away from the Leftie / airport waiting room crowd more.

    They never did ask me, because I would tell them I have slept like a baby and thoroughly enjoyed every single day since Trump beat that evil bitch.

    On top of that, rewatching the YouTube clips of media whores who support Hillary reporting her ‘shocking’ defeat is like drinking Vitamin Water.

    Their practical and literal tears are fantastic to behold.

    I haven’t seen this pandemic of sadness CNN is reporting on outside of Fake News studios or mental wards.

    I wonder if they will show us the polling sample.


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