Subaru’s Forester Ultimate Custom Kit Raising Eyebrows At Singapore Motor Show

Yahoo!Finance: Subaru likely brought several serious concepts to this year’s Singapore Motor Show. We sincerely hope that this is not one of them. Meet the Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition (little “e”).

If you’re old enough to be on the Internet, you certainly know exactly where this is going, and it’s not anywhere appropriate.

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In this lighting, it’s hard to tell, but the F***S edition appears to be finished in Subaru’s World Rally Blue, and the pin-striping is very likely STI’s signature cherry blossom pink, but we frankly cannot tear our eyes away from the podium, which is emblazoned with the custom Forester’s name.  More

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  1. This car is the car of choice for lesbians here in Seattle and across the country,so does it come with the candle from Goop or is that a dealer option.
    They knew what they were doing.

  2. @Geoff C – speaking of dealer options, if you recall, (all Subarus) model years 2008-2016 came with Obama bumper stickers as a standard feature. Similarly, model years 2000-2008 all came with a “W” in a crossed out circle. They were on every Subaru I ever saw on the street.

  3. That being their conscious decision – shouldn’t they be highlighting the length and width in the back with the middle seats folded down?

    I’m also pretty sure Barry O knew the meaning of WTF – was already well established when he and Valjar pushed, Winning The Future. Their way of giving America the finger.

  4. There’s 2 Subarus parked in my garage. ’17 Outback and an ’06 Impreza STI. Tough crowd. No bumper stickers and no lesbians, but maybe I should double check with my wife. Ya’ll thought it was cool that my 16yr old has a manual 6 speed turbo. Guess not anymore. lol.

  5. stirrn the pot. Those stickers are still all over the hill I live on, I think they renew them every year.

  6. I just traded my 2012 forester in for a toyota tacoma. The forester was a great car for 4 years. After that, it was a money sucking, maintenance nightmare. With winter tires, though, it was absolutely insane in snow. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another one.


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