National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th provides a special day to celebrate with your pet and show of their fashion style. Pets do become part of one’s family. Whether you take a visit to the groomer or take it a step further and dress up in matching outfits, be sure your pet companion is safe and comfortable.

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Anyone with cats will tell you this is practically impossible. I did get Ivan to wear this (the cover picture), but he was the most complaint cat I ever encountered. He really didn’t like it, but tolerated it for a bit before I felt sorry for him and took it off!

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  1. My favorite kitty Bud wasn’t keen on clothes, but he always wore them quietly for me.

    Such a good boy. They are gone too quickly.

  2. My wife puts a red ribbon on our little baby doll (cat) every Christmas season. She (the cat) accepts it for two weeks, but sometimes she uses her foot to try to pull if off.

    It’s all good fun.

  3. My son and his girlfriend have a black cat. Any one would be torn to shreds if you tried dressing that cat up. That damn cat isn’t happy unless it’s hunting.

  4. Angus has goggles for hanging out the Lazlomobile window (with his harness firmly attached to the seat belt connection).
    In Summertime, he wears a shirt collar and little tie and we wander around a swap meet and he reels in the young ladies.

  5. Great work you do out here CLAUDIA.
    Thank you for posting my tree frog critter
    stuck to glass storm door.Yes cats are wonderful
    animals and I have had a few.No two alike…
    As for another “****day” “&&&&week” “%%%%month”
    well I think all 365 have been covered,some 5 times over…

  6. If I were to try to dress up my cat Finn he would probably try to kill me while I was sleeping or at least act like Fat Freddie’s cat and take a big crap in my shoes because he’d hate my guts. The dog, my golden retriever Indie on the other hand would be embarrassed but shrug it off like it’s no big deal. Moral, don’t ever deliberately piss off a cat, I already have enough scratches from playing with him and not being fast enough to get away from his wicked claws.

  7. extirpates JANUARY 14, 2020 AT 7:46 PM
    Tomorrow is national diarrhea day, participation is voluntary, or not

    Yup. Tomorrow, and runs thru monday.


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